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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Crossroads Arabia � Not What It Seems

Crossroads Arabia � Not What It Seems
Crossroads Arabia blog is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs on Saudi Arabia. She has State Department experience in the area and gives a balanced view of whats happening in the Kingdom. This Article she has posted is on the effects of American Policy in the region Also go to her main site that gives a run down of arab newspapers reaction concerning the attack on the embassy.

Nanny Knows Best: Nanny Bans Boris

Nanny Knows Best: Nanny Bans Boris
The very funny Nanny Knows Best Blog has a look at British MP Boris Johnson. Boris Johnson is sort of as the blog mentions a free spirit in the Parliament. Despite a minor sex scandal he is probally one to watch in the Conservative party in the future. In fact it is my speculation that perhaps elements of the already bland leadership of the party used this minor scandal to put him in his place. Go take a look above and click.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The New Republic Online: A Fighting Faith (1 of 2)The Democrats and What They Must Do

The New Republic Online: A Fighting Faith (1 of 2)
A very interesting opinion piece in The New Republic about The Dem Party and the elements it must defeat in its own party as to its views on the War on Terror. Great read and sound advice. Having this country return to the era of where both parties recognized the threat that is against America will make this country safer.

2Slick's Forum lloks at the Tillman case

2Slick's Forum
Because of the events of the last week I was unable to read much about the Pat Tillman controversy besides what was in the paper. Note, you never no how indispensible the internet is for news untill you have to rely on the your local paper for a week. Any way 2slicks forum has a great view of the events to which I totally agree.
I am often amazed that in friendly fire incidents a villian must be established and harked on. This is not to say what happen was not tragic and the proper investigations should not be made. However, after reviewing some of the gripping war footage its amazing that this doesn't happen more in the time of war. For example try to get an accurate account at what happens at a multiple car accident scene. Then multiply that by 100 times plus the fear of death all around and bullets going by you. Any way thats my rant for today click above for a soldier's viewpoint.

I am Back

Sorry for the delay in posting of almost a week but because of a personal crisis I was and still having to attend to I was unable any time time to my blog. So lets get rolling again.

Thursday, December 02, 2004

Ligt POsting Till Thursday Night

Posting will be Light Due to Work Activities Till Thursday Night. So be Sure to come back or explore my links

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Terrorism Unveiled: Honor Killings, Up Close and Personal

Terrorism Unveiled: Honor Killings, Up Close and Personal
After reading some of the postings of maxoutmama I have started to wonder what it will take besides military victories to promote democracy in the Middle East. It has become apparent to me that we must support groups in the Islamic world that wish to reform or to get back to the basis of Islam. However what is the line between religion and culture. For often what we see as religion has nothing to do with such but is a mixture of customs and social morays. At times we must remember that to change such attitudes could last longer than the cold war as depressing as that thought might be. The blog Terrorism Unveiled is an excellent blog that shows what is happening in the moderate state Jordan. The blogger is a young woman who is studying in Jordon to learn more about the middle east and terrorism as a part of her degree work. She has got up front and personal with the most "westernized" Jordanians. Her insighti s thought provoking and troublesome.
The first post we will take a look at is on the matter of honor killing. Typically we hear about such killing when a daughter or sister is killed by the family to perserve the families honor for the entire post go to this link. Excerpts follow below.
First she explain what is an honor killing and how does it involve the family.
When a family learns that the girl has threatened their “honor” in the community, they discuss this without the girl’s presence, even with the mother, and they just “know” that the girl has to be killed in order to regain their standing in the community—even though the community may not know about the relationship. It’s not even a choice, but a duty.
The mother knows this is the fate for her daughter, and even agrees to it, sometimes choosing the manner in which she will die…perhaps being burned alive, her throat cut, stoned or clubbed to death.
The family leaves the house, and the person who is chosen to kill her comes in and does it as the family is away so there are no witnesses. The whole community knows of the killing and accepts the family into the community with open arms because they have wiped their slate clean with the blood of their child

Now remember it is important to remember that is hanging out with the cultural elite of Jordan what follows is pretty shocking
Today I was visiting the Center for Strategic Studies at the University of Jordan and my roommate, we’ll call here Sally, went with me because she had to meet with the same professor as I.
She started crying in the taxi on the way back home telling me about her experience the other night with her Jordanian boyfriend, we’ll call him Malik.
Sally and Malik haven’t been dating for very long and I won’t go into the details of their relationship, but she really did like this guy, and I liked him as well. He seemed very Western, spoke English well, acted respectably, dressed nice, came from an affluent and well-off family. He even lived in Europe for two years and had relationships with girls there.
They went out to eat last night and she brought up the subject of honor killings. Malik nonchalantly said that he would be willing to kill his sister or support his uncle or dad if they killed her if she had sex.This really upset Sally. They were holding hands and she immediately jerked away. He looked at her quizzically and asked what was wrong. She said she couldn’t be touched by someone whose hands would kill his own sister for doing things that this guy enjoys fairly often with females.
Malik just didn’t get it. He said it was just his culture. Sally said that she can’t be around someone who would kill his own sister, and she asked him what he thought of her, did he even view her as human or was she just some object since she was an American girl?
Malik couldn’t explain himself, indeed it’s a position that cannot be rectified.
These people think they are so free here, but they’re shackled in their own chains. They try to be so Western, so modern, so rich but they are wallowing in their own backwardness.
There’s a stark difference between not condoning promiscuous behavior and killing someone over it, especially when the guy is not held culpable.
Malik just explained that he was only being honest with her, and that if most guys here were really honest, they would tell her the same thing. “It’s just our culture.”

What backgound does Malik come from? she continues

I guess what’s really upsetting is that Malik is from the rich in society, which seem to be so much more liberal and modern. You generally think of honor killings as coming from the lower classes, but I will tell you, it’s not the case, the sentiment is there in the upper classes as well. And only “20 per year” isn’t the case either. Many go unreported because the people in villages support the act and the man is never turned in for his crime.
The only reason there are less honor crimes with the upper class is because the girls have enough money to get abortions. It’s common practice here for girls to revirginize themselves before they get married, because if they are found out to not be a virgin when married, they are shamed for the rest of their life and their husband may kill them or leave them. Indeed, it’s not just them that is shamed, but also their family and entire tribe. Everyone is so related here, that you shame an entire community, and the only way to expunge that shame is to do away with the girl.

She ends with this advice:
Don’t believe it when people tell you how modern a lot of the people in Jordan are.
It's one big facade.
They may be one of the most modern Middle Eastern countries, and they drive their 8 series BMWs, the women have the nicest clothes, they engage in talks about “freedom” and “feminism,” they seek out capitalistic business ventures, and they can quote Locke and Marx and Hume all they want.
These people are living lies. All the women here are veiled, whether the physical fabric is covering them or not.
And the men are just as blind.

I strongly recommend to see what the young rich and "western' Jordanians think of Bin Laden go to this link. Another great post from her experience and interations with young elite arabs that shows a cultural reality we face. | Anti-war protesters clash with police in Ottawa Anti-war protesters clash with police in Ottawa
Update on previous post a more organized demonstration appears to be occuring. with some arrest. Further updates as to the Bush's visit will occur on this posting.
<strong>During an early afternoon news conference with Prime Minister Paul Martin, Bush said he was pleased with the welcome he received Tuesday morning.

"I want to thank the Canadian people who came out to wave -- with all five fingers -- for their hospitality," he said with a chuckle.

5:06 update I appears that the numner of protestors are far below the 15,000 mark theey ere hoping for.
Organizers said about 5,000 people, many of whom rode buses overnight from across Ontario and Quebec, held a rally at Ottawa's City Hall before a planned march on Canada's Parliament buildings. Police put the figure at between 2,500 to 3,000.


Yahoo! News - Early anti-Bush demos fizzle in Canada

Yahoo! News - Early anti-Bush demos fizzle in Canada
Oh well, maybe this should send a message to certain memebers of the Canadian govt.

MaxedOutMama: Imams, Germany and Turkey

MaxedOutMama: Imams, Germany and Turkey
Maxed out Mama has a must read post on her sight if you have any interet in Germany, Turkey, and Islam in the area. Very well researhed and has great links too. A must read on something of importance that you will never hear about on the news, even C-span.

Monday, November 29, 2004

President Vist To Canada and The Canadian View Of the US

Canadian Bush Trip Post tp BE up Soon Posted by Hello
Well Bush is going to Canada tomorrow for a two day visit. In my opinion this is way overdue. This trip is important for several reasons to which I shall go into some detail below. The first is the nescessity to start mending problems in a relationship that by culture, geographic location, and common goals should be one our number one priorties, Second, to discuss aalot of urgent matters especially realating to trade. Third, the signs Bush gives there and his performance to a government that has not always been friendly too him might serve as a indication of what one should expect on Bush's European trip next year.
As Dustmybroom blog has pointed out the coverage of this trip has been dismal by the msm so far. Most of the air time is given some fringe group of lawyers that want to arrest Bush for war crimes. Dust my broom says in this posting:
First off, the commentator announces that there has been some friction between Canada and the US since the beginning of the Iraq war. He then says Canada and the US used to sing together, and then I almost choke as they break to a scene of Mulroney and Reagan singing Irish Eyes. This lasts about 15 seconds.A small break as they interview a couple of people in what looks to be downtown Toronto. Basically they don't like Bush. The "reporter" rolls off that 45% of Canadians are anti-American and 75% are anti-Bush. No references.The "reporter" comes back on and announces the main differences between Canada and the US is that Canada no longer has the death penalty and allows same-sex marriages in some provinces.And that was it. Someone may hammer on me for this, but man, I miss the CBC.
Keep in mind thats from ABC, from an Anchor that used to be a Canadian citizen and whose news organiztion is suppose to have some special relationship with the CBC(canadian Broadcast Corporation). So what are the issues?
The CBC at this link has a pretty good take on what the leaders will be discussing. People in certain ares especially as to the timber and beef industries should take note. The issues that will be discussed at ,as the Canadian PM has called "working meeting-ie this is just a photo-op, are first.Canadian Beef. No Canadian Beef has been exported to the US since April 2003 becasuse of the mad cow scare which you can bet has got a lot of farmers up in arms. Guess what the President will be dining own at the big dinner they are having. Second , the timber issue and the exports of timber to the US. This is huge and I know in my area of the Country is being watched closely. Third is missile defense which seems to be getting somewhat of an frosty reception there. The fourth big issue is of course International relations ie Iraq. This has been the cause of alot of the problems but the other economic issues as well as Nafta reforms have played a part in the rather frosty realtionship as of late.
What also should be discussed but its not clear it will be is the horrible state of the Canadian Defences. The US and Canada have always been close partners in Defense. For instance did you know one of the main men protecting us on Sept the !!th was Canadian. Yep, a Canadian was in charge at NORAD that day and in my view did a excellent job However articles such as this one should give a lot of concern to the US. The Ottawa Sun reports
SHORTAGE of planes has forced the Canadian military to cut an anti-terrorism air surveillance mission down from six months to just two. Two Aurora maritime patrol aircraft and their crew of 65 will pull out of Operation Sirius, the air force's contribution to the war on terrorism, by Christmas -- they deployed only last month.
Lt.-Col. Yvan Boilard, commander of the Canadian contingent stationed in Sigonella, Italy, said the planes' age and the need for upgrades have limited Canada's ability to answer NATO's calls for air surveillance

That as well as stories Of Canadian troops having to use hand grenades that are inferior but must be bought from a Quebec company as well as the litany other articles out there on the status of Canadian defense forces is a huge concern.
The other issue of importance is the anti-americanism thats becoming it appears more mainstream everyday. The anti Bush forces have a great schedule of events planned for Bush when he arrives. In fact go to one of the leading oraganizers web site to see just part of the events planned. I suspect America media will cover this greatly. But take heart a group of pro Bush Canadians are preparing a counter demostration. Sounds like fun. This is organized by what appears to be a Caandian version of the US'S Free Republic(Freepers). Their site Free Dominion is excellent and will be in my web links soon. For a nice article on all the antics that will take place go here.
The real interesting question is how does the average Canadian feel about us in the United States. Here is a great article by the Washington Post about an American in the the land up north. Notice specially if you acess the full article it seems he is not some far right winger. Here is the link.(It might require registration but is worth it). here are some excerpts:

... after nearly four years as an American in the Great White North, I've learned it's not all beer and doughnuts. If you're thinking about coming to Canada, let me give you some advice: Don't.
The anti-Americanism I experience generally takes this form: Canadians bring up "the States" or "Americans" to make comparisons or evaluations that mix a kind of smug contempt with a wariness that alternates between the paranoid and the absurd.
in the wake of 9/11, after the initial shock wore off, it was common to hear some Canadians voice the opinion that Americans had finally gotten what they deserved. The attacks were just deserts for years of interventionist U.S. foreign policy, the increasing inequality between the world's poorest nations and the wealthiest one on earth, and a generalized arrogance. I heard similar views expressed after Nov. 2, when Americans were perceived to have revealed their true selves and thus to "deserve" a second Bush term.
Canadians often use three metaphors to portray their relationship with the United States. They describe Canada as "sleeping with an elephant." Even when the elephant is at rest, they worry that it may suddenly roll over and crush them. They refer to the U.S.-Canadian border as "the longest one-way mirror in the world" -- Canadians peer closely at Americans, trying to make sense of their every move, while the United States sees only its own reflection. Finally, they liken Canada to a gawky teenage girl with a hopeless crush on the handsome and popular boy next door. You know, the one who doesn't even know she exists.
The self-image conveyed in these metaphors is timid and accommodating. Perhaps this is how Canadians see themselves (or would like to be seen), but my experience is that they are extremely aggressive (if somewhat passively so) when it comes to demonstrating their deep ambivalence toward Americans. Take the popular TV show "Talking to Americans," which simultaneously showcases Americans' ignorance about Canada and mocks Canadians' unhealthy preoccupation with what Americans really think of them. Of course, there's often something of the stalker in that gawky teenage girl, isn't there?

Part of what's irksome about Canadian anti-Americanism and the obsession with the United States is that it seems so corrosive to Canada. Any country that defines itself through a negative ("Canada: We're not the United States") is doomed to an endless and repetitive cycle of hand-wringing and angst. For example, Canadians often point to their system of universal health care as the best example of what it means to be Canadian (because the United States doesn't provide it), but this means that any effort to adjust or reform that system (which is not perfect) precipitates a national identity crisis: To wit, instituting co-payments or private MRI clinics will make Canada too much like the United States.
The rush to make comparisons sometimes prevents meaningful examination of the very real problems that Canada faces. (For me, it has become the punch line of a private joke that whenever anything bad happens here, the first response is a chagrined cry of "But we're Canadian!" -- the "not American" can be inferred.) As a Canadian social advocate once told me, when her compatriots look at their own societal problems, they are often satisfied once they can reassure themselves that they're better off than the United States. As long as there's still more homelessness, racism and income inequality to the south, Canadians can continue to rest easy in their moral superiority.
Many Canadians have American relatives or travel frequently to the United States, but a large number are pretty naive about their neighbors to the south. A university student confidently told me that there had been "no dissent" in the United States during the run-up to the Iraq war. Toronto boosters argue that American cities lack the ethnic diversity found in Canada's largest metropolis. The author of a popular book on the differences between the Canadian and American characters (a topic of undying interest here) promotes the view that Americans are all authority-loving conformists.
Ultimately, Canadian anti-Americanism says more about Canada than it does about the United States. Because some 80 to 90 percent of this country's trade is with the United States, the reality is that Canadians need Americans to sustain their economy and thus the quality of life they value. Such dependence breeds resentment. In "officially multicultural Canada," hostility toward Americans is the last socially acceptable expression of bigotry and xenophobia. It would be impossible to say the things about any other nationality that Canadians routinely say -- both publicly and privately -- about Americans. On a human level, it can be rude and hurtful. (As it was on the afternoon of Sept. 11, 2001, when an acquaintance angrily told me that she would now have to curtail her travel plans because she was afraid she might be mistaken for an American.) And there's no way to argue against it. An American who attempts to correct a misconception or express even the mildest approval for the policies of U.S. institutions is likely to be dismissed as thin-skinned or offensive, and as demonstrating those scary nationalistic tendencies that threaten the world

So the question becomes how much of this anti americanism is the result of geography and the way history ran it course.. Two bloggers though from Canadia got my attention today. Both post show to me that perhaps the Canadian media might be over doing anti americanism sentiment. After reviewing the Canadian blogs I have noticed a great many conservative US symphatic blogs. Rite Turn Only Blog had this to say regarding the anti Bush anti US demostrations.
OTTAWA -- A coalition of anti-war protesters, left-wing lawyers and anti-capitalists refused repeatedly yesterday to condemn those who might resort to violence during the "loud" demonstrations planned for the visit next week of U.S. President George W. Bush.My, isn't that nice? The drool is already seeping from their little mealy-mouths as they anticipate the arrival of The Evil One. The veins in their little pea-brains are about to explode as they lay in wait hoping to ambush the Disciple of Death. Actually we kind of feel sorry for them in a strange way. How pathetic and boring the lives they live must be. How sad it is that we have citizens in this country who feel so inferior and insecure they not only must they gather enmasse but must threaten violence to force others to hear their meaningless and unimportant opinions. Therapy does wonders you know - should try it sometime.But there's another point we want to address. We've read many stories about how the frothing-at-the-mouth liberals can't wait for Bush to get here. They continually refer to the illegal war as one of the major reasons they feel that way. Let us play their game. By the same standards, wasn't Clinton's continued bombing of Iraq illegal? Wasn't Clinton's war in the Balkans illegal? Wasn't Canada's bombing of the Balkan's illegal? Where were the protestors? We suppose it's only illegal if the right is doing it. But so much for liberal logic.As a sidebar, by whose standards are we defining illegal anyway? The UN? Who gives a flying fuck what the UN thinks? The left of course! Big government for everyone!! The BIGGER the better!! We're too stupid and too lazy to look after ourselves, besides it's not our responsibility - that's what we have BIG government for! Yah for BIG government!

Also are Canadians that much different on the whole from us as to the issues of "values". I ran across an interesting comment from the Western Standard blog. He comments on an interview that he had with the CBC. He states:
My main point was that English Canada and the United States is not as different as the media story line has it, that Canadians have not recently had the opportunity to discuss moral and cultural issues (although the topic is brought up during elections, the issue is never truly explored) and that the primary difference is that Americans are not affraid to debate these issues while Canadians never discuss them. We'll see if that comes through in the sound bites the show's producers choose.
Thats an interesting point. However he failed to expand on the nuts and bolts of why this is so. Is it something particular about Canadian politics. (perhaps some Canadian bloggers can expand on this.} Anyway more tomorrow.

FORE- I Am Sure This Has Bin Laden TEE ed OFF

Its great to have a good news story early in the morning . Remember afghanistan, where we still have troops doing tremendous work to bring Democracy. Well, you know its going well when you can say the words Afghan Open. It appears that Kabul has its Golf course reopened, has a resident golf pro, and has had their first tournamnet. Democracy is spreading. For an excellent article on the the first afghan open go here. Npr also has a audio file story thats great too about the golf club. Maybe one of our exclusives clubs can hold a charity event to get them some grass Posted by Hello Tip to Rantburg for point me to this.
QARGHA, Afghanistan, Nov 26 (Reuters) - At a resort that became a battlefield, Afghans teed off on Friday in their country's first open golf tournament in more than 30 years.
As is still the way in Afghanistan, the first shot of the day at the Kabul Golf Club went to the local militia commander, applauded by his men with shouldered Kalashnikovs.
But organisers say they hope their tournament, contested by 40 local caddies in a picturesque valley just outside the capital, will help bring a new era in which the only risks are from golf balls, not bullets, flying down the fairways.
The club describes itself as the best and only course in Afghanistan and promises "golf with an attitude". Hazards are unorthodox, from the bombed out club house below the dramatic first tee on a ledge high up the valley, to the odd spent shell or scurrying lizard. Club pro Mohammad Nazir Popal insists there is no danger, even though the nine-hole course became a battlefield in the 1990s when rival Mujahideen factions fought amongst themselves over overthrowing a Soviet-backed regime. The club was forced to close because of the fighting and then when the Taliban swept to power all hope of playing golf, which the hardline Islamic regime associated with wealthy Western diplomats, was lost.
It reopened this year, but only after it was thoroughly checked for mines and other unexploded ordnance. Popal, 50, said the aim of the Afghan Open, was to select players who could eventually go on to represent Afghanistan in international tournaments.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

A Look At Iraq Nov 28 2004

A LAST LOOK at the Battle of Fallujah
2Slick'Forum in his Nov 27 posting has provided a wonderful letter from a West Point Grad just fresh from the battle of Fallujah. This e-mail from this officer is a good reminder of the heroics of our soldiers as well as the very real threat that was eliminated in Fallujah. The e-mail is quite good in giving an overall view of what was going on in Fallujah on a day by day basis. Also it has some tidbits that haven't been reported widely.
"In that first day of fighting, the Marines took 5 x KIA and many more wounded, but they also did their job very well. Along the way, they found HUGE caches of weapons, suicide vests, and many foreign fighters. They also found unbelievable amounts of drugs, mostly heroin, speed, and cocaine. It turns out, the enemy drugged themselves up to give them the "courage" and stupidity to stay and fight."

BBC Footage- For the best and compelling TV piece with a embed reporter go here and click on the right side of the page the video link entitled Inside Fallujah Paul Wood's Account of the Assault .The embed was excellent and show the honor of our men and what they were up against. I don't say these often but good job BBC (Tip of the hat to

One of the reasons the Battle for Fallujah was the nescessity of having the area participate in the elections. DaggerJag Blog has an interesting viewpoint on the election in Iraq up close and personal in his November 26th post.. This blogger is a military lawyer helping the Iraqis prepare for the elections. Dagger states that on Jan 30 the process of how an individual votes and the process that it is counted by will have similiarties to the U.S. elections but there are significant differences. Because of time constraints the election will have some inherent problems that are not easy to remedy, he states: "...the UN and the Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq (IECI) decided to make all of Iraq a single electoral district. This means that, unlike ach state is guaranteed representation in Congress based on population, there is no guarantee that each of the Iraqi provinces will have representation. The ballot is the same in Basra (far south) as it is in Mosul (far north) and the Iraqis will have a choice of at least 156 political "entities." How will the winner of elections be determined then. Dagger gives this example: "the number of seats each party gets is based on a "threshhold" number of votes. If, for instance, all of the estimated 15 million eligible voters cast ballots, then the threshhold number is 54,454 votes (15 million dividied by the 275 seats in the National Assembly). If a party garners that many votes then the first candidate on their list wins a seat in the National Assembly. Confusing...I know. Dagger informs in this post that the equitablity of this system is a problem but this is a result of Iraq not having a valid census for the different regions and thus possible electoral districts for the assembly. But as Dagger say the purpose of this Assembly is to draft a new Constitution which will be voted on by referendum in the fall of 2005 ,and that this assembly will only seat for one year. Then the new assembly will be voted in under the new procedures. Will the elections go off in time . Dagger states: " I've seen a lot of statements and rumors that the elections will have to be delayed but from the ground level it seems to me like there's still a good chance that they will go off on time. It's likely going to be a messy affair but so long as they are viewed as legitimate elections and all of the disparate factions and sects participate then I really think they will be a success and will be seen as the first stepping stone to a legitimate Iraqi democracy. Only time will tell."
An Iraqi and also a budding politician has some interesting observations in his November 28 posting at Iraq The Model regarding the Iraqi elections and some of the motives of some political parties to delay the election, Be sure to read his whole post, because he makes some interesting observation of the French Diplomatic corp and what may be drawn from that. He states " Some of these parties cannot think beyond their partisan interests and it seems they want things to calm down in the so-called Sunni triangle so that more Sunnis participate in the elections. This seems like a reasonable demand, but the problem is that they do not seek that as much as they seek to strengthen their own individual and partisan positions. I know it's just an assumption and I should not accuse them without a solid proof, but I know these people and they're not too stupid to notice that the terrorists dream is to delay the elections as much as possible if they can't prevent it. f Check the whole article out its a good read.

Often the press never seems to have havee the chance to talk about the peple of Iraq that are hero's and fighting for their country. Wonder why that is? I guess the Peterson trial, theendless debate on the basketball fight, and the Michael Jackson case are too time consuming. Well the San Francisco Chronicle has run a story about one today to their credit Meet Sister Beninia Hermes Shoukwana. She heads up a Catholic School and has been leading that school before the days of Saddam. Her courage resisting the forces of oppresion under saddam to the terrorist of today is inspiring. She not leaving either and she is encouraging Christians to stay as well. The excellent article states in part(hit excerpt fo link to full article) Sixteen of her charges, mostly Christians, recently left the country. Every day desperate parents visit her office, telling her they are frightened and are thinking of abandoning Iraq. She urges them to stay. "I try to explain to them that wherever they go, they'll always be immigrants," she says. "Iraq is like our house. It's our duty to try to clean up our house." Also of interest is 2 bloggers ,one Christian, the other Muslim, both attended thiss school and know her. Go to Live from Dallas blog and look at this posting. Bagdad Dweller has another great perspective of her interactions with her at this posting.

Saturday, November 27, 2004

Geaux Irish Beat USC

Usually I post about current event news, and poiltics on this blog. However we have more urgent matters to talk about today. That is the importance of Notre Dame putting the most media hyped whining football team in there place. For the past year all LSU fans have heard is how great USC is and that they are the National champions. But more on that later. I urge all LSU fans and fans from other programs to pray and root for the fighting Irish. Why? Besides that beating USC would be nothing beyond orgasmic, it would certaintly show to the media types that there are a ton of programs out here that deserve recognition and shouldn't have to wait for a team that didn't even make it to the national championship last year to dictate where we all stand. (SEE UTAH) Othere Reasons?

Touchdown Jesus
How can you root against a team that is God's favorite. Message to Catholics out there who are if you are like me and probally betting that you might have to make a pitstop in Purgatory before getting to the final flag, I surely wouldn't want to be in your shoes when the big day comes if you are find to be on the wrong side of the fence today.

Plus, for all you Conservatives out there give a little back. Bush got the the "mass going" Catholic vote last during the election. Also wouldn't you want to support a school with the ethos of the hard working Irish than the school of the hedonistic, surfer dudes,m-tv culture californa. But the main reason is this.

All we have heard is USC USC for almost a year and a half. These are the facts. USC is a media darling. In fact, the only reason they have been assured that number 1 spot so far and teams such as Auburn and Oklahoma and Utah have to scrape and beg just to get to the big game don't get a look is because of a little guilt from the establishment over last year. Message to USC. YOu are not Co-National Champions. The Championship game was at the Suger Bowl last year and I didnt see you there. For all the bitchin about BCS computers, somehow the fact that coaches and sportwriters who don't hardly look at what is going on outside their conference determination of number 1 status doesnt hold much weight to me. So offer a little prayer today USC haters. I know what my intention at mass will be this afternoon.

As you walk toward the Grotto, you hear the Fight Song begin play.... it get's louder ...then louder ...then even LOUDER! ...until your blood begins to boils and you feel your body tense with excitement!! It's game day and you're ready to help the IRISH the best way you know of. As you reach the foot of the Grotto, you are a bathed in hundreds of little lights. You focus on the soft lights lit all around and feel a sudden unity and tranquility. It's time to let a higher authority know about your pride...

Can't go to church today and offer up prayers for the fighting Irish to pull it out. Can't go to to the grotto and offer up a prayer for the fighting Irish. Then go to Mesto's Cyber gotto and lite a cyber candle and send out a prayer for them. I believe!!Any way Geaux Irish.Posted by Hello

NOTE- To all Catholics that go to USC and feel for whatever reason you must root for your school. I am reminded from a line that repeated in Clint Eastwoods movie "Two Mules For Sister Sarah" In dire situations "the Church grants certain dispensations" For everyone else yall aint off the hook

UPDATE- Well it looks like the forces of darkness have prevailed. I am sure its just God testing us in some way. As they say the Lord's ways are mysterious. Perhaps it is make the suprise win by next week UCLA even more of a blessing. All i have to say is geaux UCLA