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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Rodney Alexander (Fallout of switching from Democrat to Republican)

Let him eat halibut=The
The Hill newspaper has an insightful artice on former Democrat Congressman and no Republican congressman Rodney Alexander. Alexander's district takes in most of the north eastern part of the state. Much of the economy is based on farming and not surprising is also one of the poorest rural districts in the country. The race two years ago to replace Republican Congressman Cooksey was an barnburner. In fact, it is widely believed that the that becasue the two republicans in the general election couldn't mend fences contributed to Rodney Alexander's victory. I agree with that analysis. Alexander won that race by the thinnest of margins. What is of interest was that 20,000 more people voted for Senate race(Terrell v Landrieu) than the house race that same day. The Republican candidate Terrell swept large portions of that district. Basically, infighting between the two major republicans battling to make the runoff made Alexanders victory possible. What is of interest was that this year Alexander had no viable competion. His Republican challenger was no serious threat to him in my opinion. But like they say in Washington, being in the majority is alot more fun than being in the minority. I believe Alexander will receive some backlash from way he switched at the very last minute. To say the least Sister Mary Landrieu(Democratic Senator) is mighty upset. However, Alexander is generally liked in the district and should survive the challenge.


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