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Wednesday, October 20, 2004 News - Vitter: $1 bills sent to backers to get attention 10/20/04 News - Vitter: $1 bills sent to backers to get attention 10/20/04
Interesting article about how the Republican canidate is sending out one dollar bills to people in fundraising letters and then asking for $100, $200, $300 donations. The theory is that this will get people attention and donations will increase. Hum, We will see. But the important part of this article is a little bit down the page relating to Kennedy. Again more evidence of the campaign incomptence of the Democractic party's favorite Rep. Chris John. The last major elections we had increasingly show that the NorthWestern part of the State is critical to pick up for a win. The three endorsements that are mentioned should have been in the bag for John months ago. Instead Kennedy picks up 3 major endorsements. The first from District Attorney Paul Carmouche, big Democratic but with cross over appeal(my former boss by the way). Besides Rep Glover's endorsement which is big , the biggest is State senator Jackson's endorsement. This is huge and will have ramifications as to Kennedy's vote in the black community in the Shreveport area. Jackson is a shrewd poiltician and in my opinion was responsible for savings Democratic Sen. Landrieu's bacon from the fire in a barnstormer of a race two years ago. More analysis on the Senate race later.


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