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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Bush outstrips Kerry in poll of La. voters(Also La Senate Numbers)

Bush outstrips Kerry in poll of La. voters
Surprise! Despite the earlier rumblings of the Kerry campaign about Louisiana being a swing state, Bush is trouncing him. The real interesting numbers are the Senate Race Numbers. For all those unfamilar with the latest political rumblings down here in Bayou Country, Democratic Senator John Breaux is retiring. Four persons are running for the seat.We have a open primary system ,that's all the rage currently in California(Arnold endorsed the proprosition according to Boifromtroi) to which makes for very fun politics but for which many of us wish would be done away with. If you get 50% plus one you win. If not, the top two vote getters regardless of parties go on to the runoff. U.S. Rep. Vitter the Republican is in the lead by 43% according to this poll. On the Democratic side, U.S. Rep John(Democratic party's personal favorite) has 18% while State Treasurer Kennedy has 10%. The key question is can Vitter get over the 50% mark and avoid an runoff. Hmm. I think he has a chance but would be surprised if he managed to do it. Now imagine this fun scenario, the electoral college is tied 269 to 269 the Repubs hold the house but the senate is split after Nov 2. THe house would choose the President. Bush wins. Guess who chooses the Vice- President- Its the new Senate. So if there is an runnoff in December Louisiana has the potential to decide if there will be Bush /Cheney administration or a Bush/Edwards adminstration. Wow, history could repeat itself. It would be Jefferson/Burr administration of 1801 all over again.


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