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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

EIB Interview: Democrat Mayor of Youngstown, Ohio for Bush

EIB Interview: Democrat Mayor of Youngstown, Ohio for Bush
What is interesting about the transcript that I linked, is the that the Democratic mayor Of Youngstown Ohio states that this will be Kerry's 5th trip to this county. This an county ,according to the Mayor, votes 60% to 70% for the Democrats. Hum. Even though I have concerns about Ohio ,it does show it's important to see where the candidates are traveling in assessing where their campaign stands. If there are so many swing voters in Ohio why isn't Kerry spending more times in those regions? Or like withother traditional Democratic groups, is he having problems with his own base mainly labor in the rust belt.


Blogger MaxedOutMama said...

Oh my lord. It really hit home when he commented about Kerry's tribute to Hollywood and he complained about Michael Moore's being called a documentary.

The problem is that the Democrats really are pushing hard to the radical side of things in order to try to secure voters, and in the process they are losing moderates who have traditionally voted Democrat. If they don't stop there is going to be some sort of insurrection from within the party or a split.

Thanks for posting this.

October 20, 2004 at 3:19 PM  
Blogger Kingfish said...

I agree with. It amazes me how over the top Kerry has been. He loses all credibilty I think with voters.

October 21, 2004 at 10:59 AM  

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