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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Outside View: Pundit buffoonery - (United Press International) A sane article concerning"The Divided America Myth"

Outside View: Pundit buffoonery - (United Press International)
Its important sometimes to take a deep breath and step back from rethoric of the campaign. I am constantly hearing how divided the country is becasue of Bush. The Kerry campaign harps on about divided America all day it seems. You would think a revolution is in the realm of possibilty. The writer here makes a good point. For many of us in flyover country this election is nothing in passions compared to what happens at your local school board meetings. Plus, chances are that the people who have to face their heated constituents at these local govt gatherings are in fact these peoples very neighbors. What are the chances these conservative or liberal pundits are at their local school board, city hall, or county supervisor meetings. Probally not much since they're on tv 5 nights out of 7. The issues raised at these meetings raise the ire of average people more than embryonic stem cell research. Whats the result? After a great fight we keep saying hi to our political opponents at the grocery store, still work together in church, and still all party together at each other houses on saturday night. In other words, flyover country is adult enough to disagree with each other and still work together. So let the discussion begin.


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