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Saturday, October 23, 2004

Power Line: O'Donnell Goes Over the Waterfall

Power Line: O'Donnell Goes Over the Waterfall
Thanks to Powerline for this article. Everyone is talking about another weird rant by O'Donnell on MSNBC. Powerline has a link to the video. Its beyond me why Dems are getting so hostile and parinoid out there, The big implication of this years race is the picking of up to three new justices on the Supreme Court. All picked in the past by republicans by the way. But as I stated before history shows that in second terms Presidents generally are not as popular or powerful. Look at both Reagan's and Clinton's second terms. In both their respective terms, their accomplishments were mostly in their first term. With the one exception of how Reagan got the Russians to blink at the Iceland summit. After the 2006 midterms the focus will not be so much on Bush but the respective infighting in both parties and the power struggle there. Perhaps what the Dem's hate is that republican control will not be wrestled away with ease. IMHO, Bush has two years after reelection to get what policy initatives through. After that, it becomes so much more difficult. So why the extreme rhetoric from the other side? Comment?


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