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Monday, November 08, 2004

2Slick's Forum View of opening day in Fallujah

2Slick's Forum
Blogging will be light tonight pretty beat from a full day in court. However here is 2slick's on why getting the troops captured the hospital first. Below an excerpt click above for more great info from a really informed source.

This relates to a theme I've touched on a few times in my earlier posts. Notice how just about every air strike that you hear about on the news is followed by a report that says something like "Al-Jazeera quotes a local doctor as saying that all of the casualties are women and children" which is then supported by a familiar-looking video clip (re: stock footage) of innocent civilians being pulled out of some rubble? This is not a coincidence. Al Jazeera is the voice of the jihad, and for whatever reason, our media agencies constantly see fit to air their anti-coalition propaganda. Well, this "hospital" that we seized was a key component of the insurgent/Al-Jazeera conspiracy. They will not be reporting any phantom civilian casualties during this offensive


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