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Friday, November 12, 2004

Australian Embed talks about how the IRAQI forces are performing

PM - Fears for civilians in Fallujah
Interesting perspective from an embed journalist of the performance of Iraqi troops. The good news is that their performance has vastly improved. He states in part:

From what I'm hearing, they've been acquitting themselves rather well. I mean, 12 months ago they weren't the same outfit really. 12 months ago they were raw recruits who were probably just hoping to get a pay check at the end of the week and then spend the weekends with their families. This time around, they know that things are a bit more serious than that – that the Americans just aren't a cash cow.

They're here to fight and they have fought in Samarra, in Najaf and now in Fallujah and those previous encounters have hardened them somewhat, given them a bit of experience under fire and they know what to expect now. And the number of troops that are running away or not turning up for the fight has decreased somewhat.

So they tend to be… they're developing also that NCO (non commissioned officer) regime within these ranks where it didn't exist before. So they seem to be tightening up as a fighting unit and doing quite well by all accounts.

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