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Friday, November 12, 2004

Bayouranter side Link of The Day MAXEDOUTMAMA

Wow, I really hit the mystery credit bonaza today at blog explosion so I better type something good here. Seriously, how come I can be on there for hours and rack up like 6 credits and today I rack up 75 in 45 minutes. There is hope for you yet. Every day this week I hope to highlight the links on by blog link list. I luv links. However often a person has 100's of links which makes it difficult to go through them all. I try to keep my to a reasonable length so as to see my interest. Also you might notice there some heavy hitter links over there, like andrew sullivan and instapundut. But lets face it everyone has those and they don't really need my help. I often have links to sites,in this case political, that have just as good content as the majors. Also I found most of them through blogexplosion. So this week I hope to entice you to a few of them. Today maxedoutmama( ). This is one I check out every day. Very good reasoned commentary on the politics of the day as well as great perspective on affairs abroad. Also she has alot of links to sites that we don't often hear about. Just last week there was nice info on the situation with Europe and the EU. Her links to info and her commentary on the past week of political comment on the election has been excellent. Check her out. Tomorrow I will promote Southern Appeal blog. Stay tuned


Blogger The Zero Boss said...

Good recommendation - I enjoy her blog a lot.

November 12, 2004 at 5:19 PM  

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