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Monday, November 22, 2004

BayouRanter's Exclusive Shocking Details Of the Queen's Speech Today-Bayouranter Exclusive

Posted by Hello Bayouranter has learned from exclusive sources from Westminster that the Queen will deliver shocking comments and directives in her Queen's Speech today. For all of you people in the Colonies who are ignorant of such things the Queen's Speech is where the Queen in all pomp and circumstance outlines the programs the Government(In this case the Labor Govt) plans to introduce in Parliament. But tradition is about to put on its head. According to sources the queen will say the following:
1. That all this business of the government creating this nanny state in her kingdom and intruding into peoples lives is so 70's. Therefore by Royal Fiat Parliament is dissolved until the political partys can come to their senses.
2. The queen doesn't understand how creating another level in Govt can solve anything regarding point one so all intergration into the EU is halted. Plus the Queen can't quite understand how some secular pencil pusher in Brussels can have more power than her.
3. The Queen will heap praise on the Colonies and Australia for their elections and that their leaders understand that socialism doesnt work and that terrorism isn't all caused by Israel and by not enough heaping money to Arab dictators to bribe them into not attacking us.
4. However she will state that Canada is a bloody mess and that she hates to get involved but must appoint Brian Mulrony Prime Minister again since he was the last one that had any sense up there.
5. Also the Queen of England in her role as Head of the Church of England will inform the church leaders as much as she hates to do it serious reforms will have,to be made. In her words, "who is going to spend a hour at services and listen to a bunch of leftist loons that can't even keep a church one fourth filled." Therefore rectifying a horrible mistake the Church of England will Reconcille with the Church of Rome andthe Pope, God bless him, will recognize her right to rule.
6. Finally for all those that thinks the Queens speech is a bunch of "Bollocks" she will remind them that under common law all the land in the UK belongs to the Soverign and the rent is due at the end of the month.

Oh well we can dream can't well? Today(Tuesday) is the Queen's Speech. Again this is where Tony Blair's government will outline their programs. For more on the Queen's speech and its history go here. So what can we expect? It seems National Id cards. Not doesn't sound promising. The BBC reports that The biometric cards would be introduced in 2008 as part of efforts against terrorism, illegal working, misuse of public services and illegal immigration. A decision on making them compulsory is not expected to be made until 2014 but Mr Blunkett says he is now thinking it could come sooner - perhaps between 2010 and 2012. Civil liberties groups fear the scheme will enable officials to compile too much information about people and inflame race relations.
Let me tell you that would never happen here. One thing us loony red staters know is our book of revelations and that's the sign of the beast. Anywho what else can we expect, Rules for the EU constitution vote and new laws on charities are also likely to be among more than 20 law plans. For an overview go to this bbc page and more detailed analysis plus the text of the actual Queen Speech will be in a later posting. I think its x-files time so I be back soon.




Blogger Len Kutchma said...

Great stuff - I love it. I particularily enjoyed item..

#4) However she will state that Canada is a bloody mess and that she hates to get involved but must appoint Brian Mulrony Prime Minister again since he was the last one that had any sense up there.

You don't know how right you are!! Or maybe you do? LOL

November 23, 2004 at 1:27 PM  
Blogger darcey said...

Hey - we didn't even get a chance to vote mulroney out.

November 23, 2004 at 1:42 PM  

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