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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

BBC NEWS | Politics | Meet The Tories "Karl Rove"

BBC NEWS | Politics | Howard's wizard of Oz
Well the Conservatives in the UK have hired their own "Karl Rove" in an attempt to wrestle power from Blair and the Labor party. He is an Australian , by the name of Lynton Crosby that masterminded the victory of Liberal Party and Prime Minister John Howard in the land down under. --NOTE to American Readers This is where its gets confusing for us isolated Americans. In Australia its just not the timing of the seasons that are reversed but the political names. The Liberal Party in Australia is actually the party that is the cloest in philosophy to the Republicans here and the Tories in the UK. Also John Howard is the Prime Minister of Australia while Michael Howard is the leader of the Conservatives(Tories) in Britian. Expect British Bloggers to have great fun at your expense trying to trip you up on that when there in a testy mood. Anywho here is quick excerp.t The whole article is a pretty good read how both parties are bringing in "American style campaign tactics" CLick above for the full read. Here is the excerpt-
What Mr Crosby does best, according to one journalist who has watched him at close quarters, is "below the radar" campaigning.
That is, the ruthless targeting of marginal constituencies with highly localised campaigning, latching on to local issues and personalities.


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