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Monday, November 29, 2004

FORE- I Am Sure This Has Bin Laden TEE ed OFF

Its great to have a good news story early in the morning . Remember afghanistan, where we still have troops doing tremendous work to bring Democracy. Well, you know its going well when you can say the words Afghan Open. It appears that Kabul has its Golf course reopened, has a resident golf pro, and has had their first tournamnet. Democracy is spreading. For an excellent article on the the first afghan open go here. Npr also has a audio file story thats great too about the golf club. Maybe one of our exclusives clubs can hold a charity event to get them some grass Posted by Hello Tip to Rantburg for point me to this.
QARGHA, Afghanistan, Nov 26 (Reuters) - At a resort that became a battlefield, Afghans teed off on Friday in their country's first open golf tournament in more than 30 years.
As is still the way in Afghanistan, the first shot of the day at the Kabul Golf Club went to the local militia commander, applauded by his men with shouldered Kalashnikovs.
But organisers say they hope their tournament, contested by 40 local caddies in a picturesque valley just outside the capital, will help bring a new era in which the only risks are from golf balls, not bullets, flying down the fairways.
The club describes itself as the best and only course in Afghanistan and promises "golf with an attitude". Hazards are unorthodox, from the bombed out club house below the dramatic first tee on a ledge high up the valley, to the odd spent shell or scurrying lizard. Club pro Mohammad Nazir Popal insists there is no danger, even though the nine-hole course became a battlefield in the 1990s when rival Mujahideen factions fought amongst themselves over overthrowing a Soviet-backed regime. The club was forced to close because of the fighting and then when the Taliban swept to power all hope of playing golf, which the hardline Islamic regime associated with wealthy Western diplomats, was lost.
It reopened this year, but only after it was thoroughly checked for mines and other unexploded ordnance. Popal, 50, said the aim of the Afghan Open, was to select players who could eventually go on to represent Afghanistan in international tournaments.


Blogger Mary Desmond said...

sounds a little surreal, bit like Dr Strangelove, a really odd story, but i had heard that troops still keep kabul safe-ish. outside kabul no one knows, no westerner who wanders lives to report anything, yeah i remember the invasion of afghanistan that was when USA had world support and it was about osama bin laden, right or wrong it's not about him anymore. for what it's worth perhaps fun story in a theatre of the absurd way. i'll take it. not much else going.

December 2, 2004 at 8:43 AM  
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