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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Geaux Irish Beat USC

Usually I post about current event news, and poiltics on this blog. However we have more urgent matters to talk about today. That is the importance of Notre Dame putting the most media hyped whining football team in there place. For the past year all LSU fans have heard is how great USC is and that they are the National champions. But more on that later. I urge all LSU fans and fans from other programs to pray and root for the fighting Irish. Why? Besides that beating USC would be nothing beyond orgasmic, it would certaintly show to the media types that there are a ton of programs out here that deserve recognition and shouldn't have to wait for a team that didn't even make it to the national championship last year to dictate where we all stand. (SEE UTAH) Othere Reasons?

Touchdown Jesus
How can you root against a team that is God's favorite. Message to Catholics out there who are if you are like me and probally betting that you might have to make a pitstop in Purgatory before getting to the final flag, I surely wouldn't want to be in your shoes when the big day comes if you are find to be on the wrong side of the fence today.

Plus, for all you Conservatives out there give a little back. Bush got the the "mass going" Catholic vote last during the election. Also wouldn't you want to support a school with the ethos of the hard working Irish than the school of the hedonistic, surfer dudes,m-tv culture californa. But the main reason is this.

All we have heard is USC USC for almost a year and a half. These are the facts. USC is a media darling. In fact, the only reason they have been assured that number 1 spot so far and teams such as Auburn and Oklahoma and Utah have to scrape and beg just to get to the big game don't get a look is because of a little guilt from the establishment over last year. Message to USC. YOu are not Co-National Champions. The Championship game was at the Suger Bowl last year and I didnt see you there. For all the bitchin about BCS computers, somehow the fact that coaches and sportwriters who don't hardly look at what is going on outside their conference determination of number 1 status doesnt hold much weight to me. So offer a little prayer today USC haters. I know what my intention at mass will be this afternoon.

As you walk toward the Grotto, you hear the Fight Song begin play.... it get's louder ...then louder ...then even LOUDER! ...until your blood begins to boils and you feel your body tense with excitement!! It's game day and you're ready to help the IRISH the best way you know of. As you reach the foot of the Grotto, you are a bathed in hundreds of little lights. You focus on the soft lights lit all around and feel a sudden unity and tranquility. It's time to let a higher authority know about your pride...

Can't go to church today and offer up prayers for the fighting Irish to pull it out. Can't go to to the grotto and offer up a prayer for the fighting Irish. Then go to Mesto's Cyber gotto and lite a cyber candle and send out a prayer for them. I believe!!Any way Geaux Irish.Posted by Hello

NOTE- To all Catholics that go to USC and feel for whatever reason you must root for your school. I am reminded from a line that repeated in Clint Eastwoods movie "Two Mules For Sister Sarah" In dire situations "the Church grants certain dispensations" For everyone else yall aint off the hook

UPDATE- Well it looks like the forces of darkness have prevailed. I am sure its just God testing us in some way. As they say the Lord's ways are mysterious. Perhaps it is make the suprise win by next week UCLA even more of a blessing. All i have to say is geaux UCLA


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

c'mon...lsu was co champs at best.
paper tiger and the world a.k.a. ESPN knows it.

May 10, 2005 at 12:11 AM  
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