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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Guardian Unlimited Politics | Special Reports | Howard refuses to congratulate Bush

Guardian Unlimited Politics Special Reports Howard refuses to congratulate Bush
This situation is getting a little out of hand. Mr Howard is the opposition leader to Tony Blair. The Guardian reports:

In an interview with the Sunday Telegraph the arch-Atlanticist was asked whether he was pleased that a fellow rightwinger had beaten a liberal. He said: "I made it clear that I could work perfectly well with both President Bush and President Kerry ... I don't think it's appropriate to express a view on those elections."

Mr Howard's remarks may appear bland. But in the language of diplomacy they amount to a rebuke to Mr Bush - and in particular to his polling guru, Karl Rove, who told him he would not be welcome at the White House after he criticised Mr Blair's use of intelligence before the Iraq war.

I love Blair for his moral leadership ,and I have to admit I wouldn't mind him winning to show the rest of Europe you can be have strong convictions and get reelected. However, Mr Blair is a momentary blip on screen as regards the Labor party. Republicans will always find their more natural allies to be the British Conservative Party. Prime Minister Blair made up with the Kerry people before the election. I suspect he wouldn't hold it against Bush to meet with Howard. Time to heal the rift on both sides.


Blogger veggiedude said...

Were you upset John Howard got re-elected in Australia a few weeks ago? He heads the Liberal Party, and Blair the Labour Party. The biggest allies of Bush in the world are liberals. That just shows you the whole Iraq situation is not a left vs right scenario, which is the tunnel vision most US bloggers seem to have. I don't see your reasoning to prefer having the Tories in power. Just because they are ideologically identical to Republicans, does not mean they will get along any better with the US than the current government. When it comes to world politics, ideology has little or no bearing. Bush is a perfect example of this. Four years ago, he said he was for 'fiscal responcibility'. He was against the Clinton policies of 'Nation Building' and 'Policing the world'. Now he practices both, and is the first 'war time president' not to raise taxes to pay for the war.

November 8, 2004 at 12:32 PM  

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