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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Guardian Unlimited Politics | Special Reports | Blair has stolen our clothes, says Howard

Guardian Unlimited Politics Special Reports Blair has stolen our clothes, says Howard
Continuing our UK focus in this morming of birthday blogging, The Guardian has a great interview with Michael Howard the leader of the Conservatives in the United Kingdom. What is so fascinating about this article is if you change date of the article to 1996 ,and every time the name Tony Blair is mentioned replace with the name Bill Clinton and every time Labor is mention replace with Democractic its sounds as if this was the same situation Republicans felt they were facing. Excerpts below full article link above.

Michael Howard today admits that his efforts to win the next election are being frustrated by Tony Blair's ability to capture Conservative territory as his own.

Mr Howard also admits to being frustrated by the task he faces because the prime minister - whose winning talent is to "look and sound like a Tory" he says - succeeded in persuading voters in 1997 "that he was a politician like there has never been. People feel completely taken in and deceived."

"The government stole our language. Their policies are very different from ours, much less effective than ours

"I probably shouldn't have said it at the time, but I did. My reasoning was that the Labour party was never going to win an election until they had a leader who looked and sounded like a Tory. So I am not surprised that he became prime minister, to be absolutely honest in answer to your question.


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