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Thursday, November 04, 2004

The Horserace Blog Part One Of The Wrapup

The Horserace Blog
A great post by Jay here. I think this guy is amother winner of the 2004 race. He has a bright future in the political consulting game. Here Jay examines where the demos went wrong. I differ with Jay on two points.First, I am not so sure that McAuliffe will still have his job. I thought some of his comments during the election were beyond belief. Second, I believe that the Dems did not necessarly benifit from a short primary season. I know this an artice of faith in both parties. However, the testing of candidates on the trail often makes them better candidates in the general. For an example of this, I think of how McCain's challenge to Bush prepared the Bush campaign for a very tough battle against Gore. Also, Bush was getting bad press every day the primaries were continuing. Does everyone remember how dismal his ratings were at the end of January and February?The Bush image was getting slaughtered largely with the help of the 24 hour cable news media.


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