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Monday, November 01, 2004

The Kerry Spot on National Review Online(Thoughts On Polls and Blog Panic)

The Kerry Spot on National Review Online
Its been an experience to watch how the blogsphere reacts to the slightest hints of bad news while ignoring any good news. What has everyone in a tizzy , in the last hour, is the article wrote on the Kerry spot on NRO as well as the fox poll numbers. Pleaseeee! Kerry Spot reported that he had heard that internal poll numbers showed a bad Sunday night in Ohio. Can't imagine why. Everyone with kids was trick or treating going to haunted houses, or Church carnivals. I was at one last night and it was packed. Besides polling on another non religious holiday like the day of love(Feb 14), I can't imagine a worst night. Also, I expect that Republican voters are very likely to have something called caller id. It doesn't take long for people who have been inudated with automated and volunteer phone calls to figure out who is on the line trying to call them for the thousand'th time. I expect the 800 number, blocked number, or some far off zip code gives it away. Just something to consider. Calm down people get out there and volunteer and encourage your friends and relatives to vote. We are in good shape go to places like and look at the posts. Theeir people are emailing by the minuate from the events. One is showing huge euthuastic crowds for Bush in Wisconsin right now. Ditto every where else he is appearing.


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