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Sunday, November 14, 2004

LifeSite Special Report - U.N. Demands Poland Overturn Laws Against Abortion

LifeSite Special Report - U.N. Demands Poland Overturn Laws Against Abortion
This article is pretty amazing. It is beyond my comprehension while genocide is allowed to take place in Sudan and anti human right regimes are coddled the UN goes to Catholic countries like Poland and uses it influence to try to overturn anti abortion laws or weakened them. I wonder what the Polish reaction is to this intrusion in their soverignity, I agree with the another blogger that their reaction is probally "UN Picks Up Where Hitler Left Off". Hope that doesn't offend you but perhaps countries that had to endure so much genocide might should be listened too. Lets say that in the next 4 years Roe vRade is overturned. Contrary to popular thought that would not make abortion illegal. If Roe was overturned completely(doubtful IMHO) then the decision to restrict expand or eliminate abortion would be left up to the states. I can't imagine a UN commision coming to Louisiana and trying to influence legislation. Of special note is that there is an american on this commision by the name of Ruth Wedgwood. How did she vote or what were her feelings on this issue? I don't know but I hope to find out. Mrs. Wedgworth has a pretty impressive bio. To look at it go here. Also I find an impressive interview she did discussing the Patriot Act and the status of terrorist in our custody that can be found here. Well worth the read and not the usual nonsense that passes for discussion on the patriot act. Hattip to cybercatholics blog


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