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Friday, November 05, 2004

MaxedOutMama On What The Dems Don't Get.

Maxed out Mamma has an excellent post on how the Dems don't get what happened. I share her assessement that one the main reasons is that the elites must believe "flyover" Americans are a bunch of idiots. THe most telling line is she states that:

"... it somehow became McAuliffe gospel that Bush was an illegitimate president who had stolen the presidency and subverted the Supreme Court. Do you know what all this looks like to the people I work with, shop with, and talk with? They think the national Democratic leadership has gone insane. They think their local Democratic politicians are just fine. Unfortunately, if this sort of rhetoric continues their local Democratic politicians are going to switch parties."

"Some of my neighbors may have high school educations, but they read newspapers on the internet. The days when an article or editorial written in the New York Times denigrating their religious beliefs (which don't include killing gay people, by the way, or shunning them, or excluding them from their churches) would not be read and understood in the small town where I live are OVER. Long past. Ancient history. If the Democratic party decides in the wake of the 2004 election that it must turn its despair upon religious believers, it is doomed as a national party."

Amen to that. Go take a read her insight is right on.


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