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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Omaha Marine dies in Iraq same day his son is born

Lincoln Journal Star Online
I was so infuriated yesterday watching the evening news shows. The Marines conducted a very brilliant operation The sad by product being at this point 38 deaths and many wounded. But what was the lead story and not only the lead but the story in the middle and last part of these broadcasts. The story of an Marine killing a wounded man(perhaps the news should have thought about not showing such sensational video untill the whole thing could have been sorted out). Oh well, there is a hundred great stories to tell out of the last 7 days in Fallujah but that doesn't matter because we have "sensational video". This is what passes for balanced and informed journalism. The story above is also tragic and shows the cost of freedom. I hope some bloggers(in the spirit of article I posted below about blogger giving) in Nebraska might set up a fund for donations or at least a give a forum where to send letters of support can be sent to give this newborn a chance one day to know how Americans felt about his dad's sacrifice. Perhaps a blog where people can write , or where soilders who served with him can post comments. Just a thought.

UPDATE This link is more detailed about the life of the Marine


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