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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Southern Appeal Another Jewel In My Blog Links

Southern Appeal
This the second in a series of post that I am doing on the links in my bloglist and why you might wish to wander over there. A few days ago I talked about maxedoutmama. Today I wish to direct you to Southern Appeal. Southern Appeal is one of those blogs I read daily. It also a team blog with alot of good minds contributing their wisdom. You have to love a blog thats descripition is "The random musings of a Southern Catholic Federalist and his Co-Conspirators". Southern Appeal has a daily dose of poilitics, news and musings on the law all with a good dose of wit. I very much like their postings on the law and current legal issues. It appears that they have a couple of Law students doing that over there. Law students are great because there in the thick of it and more current than practicing lawyers like myself that are specialized in one area. Ah, to talk about the commerce clause over beers well I digress. The head of this blog himself is a pretty impressive lawyer looking at his bio. Anywho, take a look it also has a pretty impressive group of links to other political sites as well a a nice set of links to conservative(I prefer the non-political term orthodox) Catholic links. Enjoy


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