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Sunday, November 14, 2004

Telegraph | News | Bush will visit as Britain gears up for election

Telegraph News Bush will visit as Britain gears up for election
Wow, this trip a going to make a lot of bloggers happy. Imagine the backdrop when Bush arrives in the Mother Country. First, we will have all that great background noise from the UK anti war crowd and all their demonstrations. Then we have the usual suspects , BBC, The Guardian, The Daily Mail, and other tabloids with full frontpage pictures of an angry English mothers who lost sons and 15 point headlines proclaiming such calm things as "I want To Strangle Bush's Neck". You know responsible and balanced jouralism. Then we have the saga of Blairs election with the upside down world of an Republican supporting an Labor Minister and The Tories still mad at Republicans and vice versa. Wow and that only the first stop in Europe. No telling what the media and other loons of the European Left have in store for our President. I know we had bloggers at the both conventions. Heck I want to live blog this trip.--Note to Karl Rove If you happened to come to my site via Blog Explosion can you please put in the comment section where I may send my resume ,also I would prefer not to be seated by that obnoxious report from msnbc but prefer sitting next to one of the cute Fox reporters . Thanks. Getting back to business the following is a outake from The Telegraph.(Full article link above)

For Mr Blair, the presence of the President carries the risk of
costing him support among Labour voters implacably opposed to Britain's involvement in the American-led campaign in Iraq.The visit will also put Michael Howard, the Conservative leader, on the spot because it will
reopen the row between the Tory high command and the White House over Mr Howard's
attacks on Mr Blair over his decision to go to war in Iraq.
Karl Rove, Mr Bush's closest adviser, is reported to have told Mr Howard's aides two months ago: "You can forget about him meeting the President." Last week, in an interview with The
Telegraph, Mr Howard refused to express pleasure on Mr Bush's re-election and added: "I am not going to be told by the White House how to do my job."
With an election looming, protocol dictates that Mr Bush would have to meet the Tory leader as well as the Prime Minister, even though he last week declared himself a firm political supporter of Mr Blair, calling him a "big thinker" and a "rock-solid leader".Mr Blair, meanwhile, was careful to
remain strictly neutral in the run-up to this month's US presidential election between Mr. Bush and Mr. Kerry.


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