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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The Volokh Conspiracy -Garrison Keillor r or Prairie Home Companion audio clip of bashing born again Christians

The Volokh Conspiracy -
This is a must here .Volokh blog has an audio clip of this weeks Prairie Home Companion. Hear delightful Keillor in his down home style bashes born again chrisitans much to the delight of his audience. Whats amazing is the list of positions he says born again Christians believe. Such as unemployment is by God so you can be more dependent on him. What? I was raised a Southern Baptist till I was 18 I never heard that before or any other of his perceived "born again" ideals. Its amazing that a man of such intelligence can so easily believe sterotypes Well click on the link above to hear "the news from Lake Wobegon". As the blogger points out once the show starts fast forward to about 3min and 30 seconds into the show to hear the bile.


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