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Monday, November 08, 2004

Who Will Observe the Observers? A Funny Story on Those Foreign Observers

Who Will Observe the Observers?
This is a pretty amusing article from the Weekly Standard about the foreign observers that were here making sure our elections were legit. I am reminded of an ad that Our newly elected Senator ran against his opponent depicting guys with blue helmets and guns escorting a terrified woman at a polling place. Like alot of political ads that employ satire they are of course over the top but pretty fun. Evidentaly we didn't have much to worry about. The weekly standard writer describes one days experience writes:

The rest of the program involved getting dragged around to the offices of various political hacks. At Kerry-Edwards headquarters, Stans One and Two raided the candy jar for dum-dums, while Stan Three pointed to a picture of John Kerry, exclaiming, "Vietnam! Vietnam!" But mostly, as we were dragged to presentations by lawyers and board-of-election types, the day was an indistinguishable blur--hours of boredom, punctuated by moments of sheer ennui. Several of the speakers seemed to have no idea the Kazakhs couldn't speak English, until GN would periodically start translating. The Stans would then put their heads together, bat the ball around among themselves, then come up with a question that called their fraud-spotting powers of observation into question. Usually along the lines of: How many Democratic senators are running for John Edwards's seat in South Carolina? Or, Why are there no political signs visible? (Raleigh's roadways are adorned with almost nothing but political signs, not that they could read them.)

Fun read. Click on.


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