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Saturday, October 16, 2004

Planned Parenthood Unveils TV Ads Backing John Kerry on Abortion(Don't expect these to play in Louisiana)

Planned Parenthood Unveils TV Ads Backing John Kerry on Abortion
I love the fact that planned parenthood is stating that they never endorsed a Presidential Canidate before. Like we never knew who thay supported. Anyway I can't imagine these ads will play down here in Louisiana. Chris John(Democratic Heir apparent to Breaux) wants Kerry's name mentioned not at all down here. Reminding Louisiana Catholic voters of Kerry's pro choice stance wouldn't help. However, perhaps it would be smart for planned parenthood to air the ads down here at least from their position. I am sure that no one would be weeping up their at "Death Inc" if they could prove a point to the Democratic party by eliminating a Pro-Life Democrat.

Louisiana 1st Congressional District(JINDAL STILL IN THE LEAD) News - Hopefuls say it's hard to stand out in 1st District race 10/16/04
Jindal has this one in the bag. Jindal will be one of the those republicans that will get lots of national exposure when he gets up to DC.

Newsweek Poll Results BUSH 50 KERRY 44 NADER 1

RealClear Politics - Polls
I guess as Kaus would say on it's time for the Kerry people to go into Cocoon stage again.

The Horserace Blog

The Horserace Blog
This blog should be a must on your daily blog visit list. Great day by day recaps of the news and great commentary to boot. If you visit, scroll down and view Jay's 10 reasons why Bush will win.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Quick Commentary on the last few weeks

Well since I been off due to techinical difficulties, we have gone through Bush is going to win, to Bush is in a panic and Kerry wins, to its going to be a close race, to what it appears to be the emerging theme of Bush back on top. WOW. Important lession: Talking heads on the talk shows have to create excitement to get you to view their show the next day. Anyway my perception ,no surprise here, is that its going to be a tight race. It all comes down to OHIO. If the media perceives that Bush is starting to pull ahead there the momentum will transfer to the other battle ground states. That being said its important that the Bush organization gets their 72 hour plan out in force in the rest of the states. I am becoming more concerned about the stories of voter registration fraud in these battleground states. Stay alert out there.

I am Back

So sorry for the interruption on the best commentary on current event but the old computer went on fritz. Now a proud owner of a brand new PC so here we go again. So much to talk about and only 18 days to go till the big day. More commentary tonight.