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Sunday, October 24, 2004 - Catholics Against Kerry by Vote Catholic - Catholics Against Kerry by Vote Catholic
This is a special appeal to Catholic voters that might happen by my blog today. If you have some time go click on the link above and examine the that site. You may or may not like Bush, but I give an earnest appeal to you today. Next week you will decide that if oval office is occupied by a man that is in direct oppostion to the doctrines of the Church. In reality, he will become the second most powerful Catholic in the World. I remind you that the Pope has no army's, no Countless of Hundred billions to spend influencing foriegn policy, no high priced polling companies, or 527's to help him carry out Christ's commission. I still believe that despite that, Christ promise to his Church and to its Shepard will prevail. However, it would be a shame that if American Catholics put into office a man that will do anything in his power to destroy the "culture of life" philosophy that the Church promotes and especially if that man himself professes to be a Catholic. So click above examine the voter guides and other resources. It could be the most important vote you make.

Cardinal James Hickey Dies at 84 (

Cardinal James Hickey Dies at 84 (
My sincere condolences to the Catholics of the Washington D.C area. Cardinal Hickey was an great man and a great Catholic. He was often the point man in advocating the "culture of life" philosophy of our Pope. He will be sorely missed but I am sure he found his reward yesterday. I don't often link to sites that might require you to register but in this case I am making a exception.

Tallahassee Democrat | 10/24/2004 | His brother's helper

Tallahassee Democrat | 10/24/2004 | His brother's helper
Nice article here on how Jeb is an asset to his brother. Its important to remember that Jeb Bush has run 3 statewide campaigns there giving him a view of the state and it political makeup that will be of up most importance this final week.

The Columbus Dispatch - Endorses Bush

The Columbus Dispatch - Election
Kerry got the Orlando Paper endorsement, now Bush gets the Columbus Ohio endorsement. It appears that the major paper endorsements this year will mean little when I view them. Whether they endorse Kerry or Bush the pattern is the same one. That is they point out the faults of the person the paper is endorsing to such a degree that youu get the sense the paper is just not trying not alienate people. The Post endorsement of Kerry today is typical.

Power Line: Thune Hits Daschle Hard

Power Line: Thune Hits Daschle Hard
Before going to bed for the night(The LSU game just exhausted me-GEAUX TIGERS), its great to have an update on Sen Daschle going ons. Remember him? He was the main Democratic hit man on Bush. Well, turns out the reason for his absence is he is in a pretty darn tight Senate race. Thankyou to Powerline.