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Saturday, November 13, 2004


I know this will fall in the hands of the cultural elites , but heck if SEC fans can't make fun of our fellow red staters then life ain't worth living. Posted by Hello

LSU Fan Advice-- Darlin this ain't Gulf shores Posted by Hello

Well that its for blogging for a while. Now time for the serious stuff. Partying and Watching My LSU TIgers Kick A little Bama A**. See you tonight. GEAUXXXX TIgers Posted by Hello

Nanny Knows Best: Blunkett's Bouncers(UK "Nanny State" Goes Berserk)

Nanny Knows Best: Blunkett's Bouncers
When ever I try to imagine what the "progressive" United States of America would be I come up with a blank. I guess the fact that we have a tradition of less Govt is the reason. Nannyknowsbest shows what that State would look like. Based out of the UK, this site shows what is the relationship between the Govt and it citizens. Ouch scarry. After you read the post on "Community Police Officers" go to his main page and take a look at the other horror stories.

Klotzy's Contemplation Corner An Great New Blog From A JAG Officer Just Back From Iraq

Klotzy's Contemplation Corner
I am adding this guy to my bloglist. Thanks maxedoutmama for pointing him out. This guy has alot of great things going for him. He is Officer, Lawyer(both in the private world and military), and he is from Louisiana. Now if he turns out to be a LSU fan he will be batting a 100.Geaux Tigers Beat Bama. Seriously he seems to have alot of good perspective on events on the ground. Also as a lawyer, he will have a keen idea of how the Iraqi Govt ,both local and National , is shaping up. Here is an excert from his blog:

"When you wipe away all the hype over the Iraq war, you are left with
competing visions of the future. Some people believe (fear would be a better
word) the future should not be guided by people with great and expanding vision.
President Reagan was a good example. The country had been dealing with the
Soviet union, the satellite states with oppressive regimes, the Berlin wall,
etc. for almost 40 years by the time Reagan took office. Many on the left (who
really liked socialism and communism) wanted at lest the status quo, if not a
continued march of communism. What they really, really did not want was a
President who was willing to look beyond all this to a new world without Soviet
Russia. Reagan used to say he did not see the political spectrum as horizontal
(ie left to right) but vertical (up and down). He saw the tyrannical state run
communism as an abyss which kept the people down and he wanted to pull them up
out of that abyss and give them a chance in the light of freedom. So when he
called the Soviet Union an "evil empire" the realist, chicken littles saw the
sky falling. My goodness he actually thought he could change the world."

"President Bush has the broad vision of changing the world. He wants to bring
freedom to a people who have lived under oppression for a long period of time.
The "realist" want to keep the status quo because they can't see over the
horizon whether there is a dawn or sunset. If we stay frozen in fear of the
unknown, then we will NEVER see a peaceful world. A fundamental change in the
way government is conducted over here must take place to have the possibility of
peace. The status quo only resulted in 9/11."

The Autorantic Virtual Moonbat (SITE OF THE DAY)

Sean Gleeson - Introducing the Autorantic Virtual Moonbat
Having a hard time impressing your liberal friends at parties but just can't keep up with all the conspiracy theories of the election. Think that liberal guy or gal is hot but you don't want to sound like you just came off Well help is here for click above and go to the Autorantic Virtual Moonbat.(hint set everything to random and then press rant it hillarious) News - International - Black Watch capture death squad(UK TROOP) News - International - Black Watch capture death squad
Nice read here on what the famous Scottish Black Watch are doing in the operation. Go Guys. tip of the hat to rantburg.

BLACK Watch soldiers supporting the US assault on Fallujah yesterday
intercepted a suicide bombing squad after a series of fire-fights and a
helicopter chase across the desert.

Two insurgents were last
night being interrogated at the troops’ Camp Dogwood base after a huge cache of
bomb-making equipment was found in their car.

Both vehicles
contained large quantities of suicide bombing equipment including plunger
detonation devices, electrical circuit boards and three 155mm artillery shells -
the explosive part of a vehicle-borne bomb.

Both vehicles contained
large quantities of suicide bombing equipment including plunger detonation
devices, electrical circuit boards and three 155mm artillery shells - the
explosive part of a vehicle-borne bomb.

Morale soared as word spread
among the Black Watch’s 850-str
ong battle group at Camp Dogwood
last night.

Great read click above for the rest.

CBS, CNN and ABC: Caught in the Tank with Kerry (MEDIA INDEPENDENCE?)

CBS, CNN and ABC: Caught in the Tank with Kerry
Great link here to a story that should be investigated here about the conduct of the networks on election night. Hattip to Tim Blair.

Friday, November 12, 2004

KRT Wire | 11/12/2004 | Foreign fighters now reviled by Fallujah residents

KRT Wire | 11/12/2004 | Foreign fighters now reviled by Fallujah residents
This might be the most important message sent because of this campaign great read excerpts below.

The turning point for a young man named Hudaifa came the day he saw a Yemeni fighter whipping an Iraqi in a public square. He recalled his humiliation this week in a conversation with other Fallujah residents now in Baghdad. Still fearful, the men asked that their last names not be published.

"An outsider beating an Iraqi in his own town?" Hudaifa asked, outrage still in his voice. "It's such a shame for us."

Other residents said foreign militants wore out their welcome months ago, when they imposed a Taliban-like interpretation of Islamic law that included public floggings for suspects accused of drinking alcohol or refusing to grow beards. Women who failed to cover their hair or remove their makeup were subjected to public humiliation. Those accused of spying for Americans were executed on the spot, residents said.

An look at the air war over Fallujah

The Houma Courier
Its amazing that so many people were opposed to air power back in WWI. I remember reading many just didn't think planes would be effective. Now we layers of aircraft and remote control drones being piloted every day. Nice overview of the Air War this week

Press Conference At White House Between Blair and Bush Posted by Hello

QUOTE OF THE DAY: From the Press conference: Question - Mr. President, first. The Prime Minister is sometimes, perhaps unfairly, characterized in Britain as your "poodle." I was wondering if that's the way you may see your relationship? And perhaps, more seriously, do you feel for the -- PRIME MINISTER BLAIR: Don't answer "yes" to that question. If you do, I would be -- (laughter.) That would be difficult.Question - Do you feel, for the strong support that Britain has given you over Iraq, that you have to pay back Britain for that support in some way?

PRESIDENT BUSH: "The Prime Minister made the decision he did because he wanted to do his duty to secure the people of Great Britain. That's why he made the decision. Plenty capable of making his own mind. He's a strong, capable man. I admire him a lot. You know why? When he tells you something, he means it. You spend much time with politics, you'll know there's some people around this part of the -- this kind of line of work where they tell you something, they don't mean it. When he says something, he means it. He's a big thinker. He's got a clear vision. And when times get tough, he doesn't wilt. When they -- when the criticism starts to come his way -- I suspect that might be happening on occasion -- he stands what he believes in. That's the kind of person I like to deal with. He is a -- I'm a lucky person, a lucky President, to be holding office at the same time this man holds the Prime Ministership.

These are troubled times. It's a tough world. What this world needs is steady, rock-solid leaders who stand on principle. And that's what the Prime Minister means to me."


Well for all you bloggers you were concerned we were going to talk about politics forever salvation has arrived. Peterson has been found guilty and now we will be engulfed in the death penalty phase. Like many in the blogsphere,I am kinda of shocked with the verdict since most "thought he would get away with it". Unlike many though I am not entirely pleased. I don't like Peterson but I hope the jury found him guilty because they thought the state proved the case beyond a reasonable doubt and not because he was a creep to put it bluntly. I thought the evidence was very shakey in this case and some of the police conduct in the investigation pretty shoddy. However as a lawyer we all take an interest in these cases because we get asked all the time about them from friends, neighbors, and strangers off the street it seems. I will give a more detailed view of this case after I examine some of the notes I took on it.

Bayouranter side Link of The Day MAXEDOUTMAMA

Wow, I really hit the mystery credit bonaza today at blog explosion so I better type something good here. Seriously, how come I can be on there for hours and rack up like 6 credits and today I rack up 75 in 45 minutes. There is hope for you yet. Every day this week I hope to highlight the links on by blog link list. I luv links. However often a person has 100's of links which makes it difficult to go through them all. I try to keep my to a reasonable length so as to see my interest. Also you might notice there some heavy hitter links over there, like andrew sullivan and instapundut. But lets face it everyone has those and they don't really need my help. I often have links to sites,in this case political, that have just as good content as the majors. Also I found most of them through blogexplosion. So this week I hope to entice you to a few of them. Today maxedoutmama( ). This is one I check out every day. Very good reasoned commentary on the politics of the day as well as great perspective on affairs abroad. Also she has alot of links to sites that we don't often hear about. Just last week there was nice info on the situation with Europe and the EU. Her links to info and her commentary on the past week of political comment on the election has been excellent. Check her out. Tomorrow I will promote Southern Appeal blog. Stay tuned

Evidence of Insurgents Turning on Each Other?

Interest!ALERT: Quality Content
Article here on what some troops to their surprise found in Fallujah

residents said the U.S-led offensive opened strains between the local insurgents and the foreigners. When a senior Zarqawi commander was found dead of a bullet to the head during the battle, many interpreted his death as the result of an insurgent execution.

Besides the commander's death, the bodies of 20 foreign fighters ao were found shot to death execution-style, military officials said.

This is good sign. Lets hope that this part of a trend.

An Englishman's Castle: The State we are in(commentary on The British State)

An Englishman's Castle: The State we are in
An Englishman's Castle Blog has an interesting article from Martin Kelly. Kelly laments the state of English society and the economy. He states in part:

...the liberals control social policy with a rod of iron. Children are presented with images of sexuality from the earliest age - politicians express shock when they start having sex young. Intercourse is presented as an entertainment without consequences - the Sunday Telegraph has recently reported that the taxpayer-funded British Pregnancy Advisory Service is sending women to Spain in order to obtain abortions that are illegal in the UK due to the stage of their pregnancy. The debris of this ruinous liberalism wanders round our towns at all hours of the day and night. The institutions of the state, provided by the citizen for their own protection, do not function unless in this liberal atmosphere. The citizen is not permitted to protect his home without having to make a lawyerly judgment in a split-second decision in combat against intruders, in the middle of the night. So paralysed is the police service by its institutional liberalism that it cannot keep the streets of Nottingham and Birmingham free from a gun culture that would shame LA's ganglands.

Click his link to the Washington dispatch for whole article. It will be interesting to see how UK politics develops over the next year. There was quite a vote against an another Regional parliament or assembly last week. It seems that the Brits might think ,after having to have govt workers make decisions for them in Westminster and Brussels, that more govt is not the answer. We shall see.

FrontPage :: Jihad at San Francisco State by Lee Kaplan

FrontPage :: Jihad at San Francisco State by Lee Kaplan
Since what the kind, calm, unbigoted blue staters are doing at San Francisco State. The college Republicans came under of a bit of unfriendly fire. You have to read to believe this one. I suggest we send a donation to the College Republicans to show our support.

We're Not Sorry Site

We're Not Sorry
Yesterday I posted about a site that ask for the world for forgiveness for the election of W. Well in response supporters of the President have a new site , Click above its a hoot.

Australian Embed talks about how the IRAQI forces are performing

PM - Fears for civilians in Fallujah
Interesting perspective from an embed journalist of the performance of Iraqi troops. The good news is that their performance has vastly improved. He states in part:

From what I'm hearing, they've been acquitting themselves rather well. I mean, 12 months ago they weren't the same outfit really. 12 months ago they were raw recruits who were probably just hoping to get a pay check at the end of the week and then spend the weekends with their families. This time around, they know that things are a bit more serious than that – that the Americans just aren't a cash cow.

They're here to fight and they have fought in Samarra, in Najaf and now in Fallujah and those previous encounters have hardened them somewhat, given them a bit of experience under fire and they know what to expect now. And the number of troops that are running away or not turning up for the fight has decreased somewhat.

So they tend to be… they're developing also that NCO (non commissioned officer) regime within these ranks where it didn't exist before. So they seem to be tightening up as a fighting unit and doing quite well by all accounts.

Tip of the hat to th fourth raail(

Carnivorous Conservative: Telegraphing From the Front

Carnivorous Conservative: Telegraphing From the Front
Awesome perspective on the battle in fallujah from this blogger. Also look at graphic he has at the top of the post. Its useful because it shows where the actual units we hear about on tv are located.

FLASHRADAR FRONT PAGE(Winner of Wacko Site of the Night)

Gosh some people make the Democratic Underground folks look sane. Not only does he have the usual articles on 'THE STOLEN ELECTION" but also "PROOF" that the Govt is controling our minds and the weather.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

The New York Times > International > Middle East > The Marines: Black Flags Are Deadly Signals as Cornered Rebels Fight Back

The New York Times > International > Middle East > The Marines: Black Flags Are Deadly Signals as Cornered Rebels Fight Back
This article might require registration but its worth it. This reporter from the New York Times has been doing some great stories excerpts below:
Nov. 11 - The stars began to glimmer through a wan yellow-gray sunset over Falluja on Thursday evening. The floury dust in the air and a skyline of broken minarets and smashed buildings combined for the only genuine postcard image this country has to offer for now.

Sitting on a third-story roof, Staff Sgt. Eric Brown, his lip bleeding, peered through the scope of his rifle into the haze. Moments before, a lone bullet had whizzed past his face and smashed a window behind him. "God, I hate this place, the way the sun sets," Sergeant Brown said.

Sgt. Sam Williams said, "I wish I could see down the street."

But these marines did see a black flag pop up all at once above a water tower about 100 yards away, then a second flag somewhere in the gloaming above a rooftop. And the shots began, in a wave this time, as men bobbed and weaved through alleyways and sprinted across the street. "He's in the road, he's in the road, shoot him!" Sergeant Brown shouted. "Black shirt!" someone else yelled. "Due south!"

The flags are the insurgents' answer to two-way radios, their way of massing the troops and - in a tactic that goes back at least as far as Napoleon - concentrating fire on an enemy. Set against radio waves, the flags have one distinct advantage: they are terrifying. News - Romero won't endorse Tauzin or Melancon 11/11/04 News - Romero won't endorse Tauzin or Melancon 11/11/04
This involves one of the two Louisiana congressional races in runoffs. Not good news. This election in this district will be on very local issues. Hopefully the other Republican challenger will come to his senses. I am writing up a piece on this district which I hope to present this weekend.

trucandygirl's Xanga Site A Marine's Wives Blog

trucandygirl's Xanga Site
I think this blog is excellent and really heart wrenching at times. See one wife view as she blogs daily about her husband who is in Fallujah

BIG Dick Cheney

Big Dick Cheney

While such a photo of the VP is clearly inappropriate, it's also a harmless mistake and could be seen as - dare we say - flattering. Just ask WKLH's Caine, who dug through her recycling bin to find the photo."It's like a Scud missile, for crying out loud," Caine said.

Hey who says conservatives never are a bit naughty. Check the BIG thread on the Free Republic. Ok, don't pretend you are not going to there tomorrow lurking around when someone does find the picture. Click above to find out more on the search for Cheney's "chief of staff". Tip to wonkette.

Tony Comes to Town Posted by Hello

List of Arafat's Terrorist Actions

Welcome to CAMERA
Well I hate to dump on all this Arafat mourning tonight. I know the whole world is busy out there contemplating the greatness that the man embodied. But if mayinterrupt the scenes of Chirac bowing in from of Arafat's coffin and lowering of UNflags at half staff so we can look at some true highlights of the greats leaders 30 years. Click above.

ABC News: Troops Become U.S. Citizens on Veterans Day

ABC News: Troops Become U.S. Citizens on Veterans Day
Great brief story for our veterans day.

Zell Miller takes on Dowd on Imus

Beautiful Atrocities: Disposable Wisdom
Short clip of Zell Miller take on Maureen Dowd. Classic Tip to blog

New rebel tactics emerge in Fallujah |

New rebel tactics emerge in Fallujah |
Time to pray for our troops tonight.
" as American and Iraqi forces spread their grip across the city, the constant skirmishes of close urban combat and burst-in searches door-to-door are revealing more about insurgent tactics, including sleeper cells."

Thursday night, forces braced for a significant counteroffensive by Iraqi insurgents - an effort coinciding with the "Night of Power," an annual Islamic holy day marked by intense spiritual devotion, which is said to cleanse sins and determine destiny.

Loudspeakers from at least one mosque began what US Marine officers said was a "revving up" of militants by chants that resembled the "martyr's last rites."

Telegraph | News | 70 insurgents killed in mosque battle

Telegraph | News | 70 insurgents killed in mosque battle
Great article from the Telegraph on one aspect of the Fallujah battle.

Sorry Everybody (Pics of People Saying There Sorry Again This Time For The Election)

Sorry Everybody
Wow more pics of people saying there sorry. This time we are sorry for electing GW. Pleaseee! I would like apologize to the world that precious computer space is being taken up by these folks. Oh well I am linking to it anyway. Tip of hat to wonkette

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

GOP Strategery Looks at Louisiana races in December

GOP Strategery
Gop strategery has a piece on the the two House races in Louisiana. After all is said and done it appears that both seats have a very good chance to be Republican. One will be a retention and the other a Repub pickup.

Belmont Club Fallujah Analysis

Belmont Club
The Belomont club comes through again with analysis of events on the ground.

Democratic Party must be 'born again,' Carville says - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics - November 09, 2004

Democratic Party must be 'born again,' Carville says - The Washington Times: Nation/Politics - November 09, 2004
Our favorite ragin cajun speaks on the what the Dems must do.

SAJA Tips: Bobby Jindal

SAJA Tips: Bobby Jindal
In Louisiana we often have a bad reputation for our politicians. However last Tuesday Louisiana elected a man who in my opinion is going to be a rising star in the Republican party. That man is Bobby Jindal. With all the talk about how the democrats are so diverse I must have missed the msn tell how the republicans elected the first congressman of Indian descent ever and first south asian in nearly 50 years. Bobby is one of the most kindest and intelligent poilticians I have met. Click above for links to his bio as well as links to world wide reaction. He will be hitting the news show circuit soon.

Dan Ratherisms - Election Night Dan Rather Quotes - Danisms

Dan Ratherisms - Election Night Dan Rather Quotes - Danisms
On a fun note a complete rundown of quotes from election night from that adorable goofy blog loving Dan rather. Hattip to wonkette.

Monday, November 08, 2004

2Slick's Forum View of opening day in Fallujah

2Slick's Forum
Blogging will be light tonight pretty beat from a full day in court. However here is 2slick's on why getting the troops captured the hospital first. Below an excerpt click above for more great info from a really informed source.

This relates to a theme I've touched on a few times in my earlier posts. Notice how just about every air strike that you hear about on the news is followed by a report that says something like "Al-Jazeera quotes a local doctor as saying that all of the casualties are women and children" which is then supported by a familiar-looking video clip (re: stock footage) of innocent civilians being pulled out of some rubble? This is not a coincidence. Al Jazeera is the voice of the jihad, and for whatever reason, our media agencies constantly see fit to air their anti-coalition propaganda. Well, this "hospital" that we seized was a key component of the insurgent/Al-Jazeera conspiracy. They will not be reporting any phantom civilian casualties during this offensive

Who Will Observe the Observers? A Funny Story on Those Foreign Observers

Who Will Observe the Observers?
This is a pretty amusing article from the Weekly Standard about the foreign observers that were here making sure our elections were legit. I am reminded of an ad that Our newly elected Senator ran against his opponent depicting guys with blue helmets and guns escorting a terrified woman at a polling place. Like alot of political ads that employ satire they are of course over the top but pretty fun. Evidentaly we didn't have much to worry about. The weekly standard writer describes one days experience writes:

The rest of the program involved getting dragged around to the offices of various political hacks. At Kerry-Edwards headquarters, Stans One and Two raided the candy jar for dum-dums, while Stan Three pointed to a picture of John Kerry, exclaiming, "Vietnam! Vietnam!" But mostly, as we were dragged to presentations by lawyers and board-of-election types, the day was an indistinguishable blur--hours of boredom, punctuated by moments of sheer ennui. Several of the speakers seemed to have no idea the Kazakhs couldn't speak English, until GN would periodically start translating. The Stans would then put their heads together, bat the ball around among themselves, then come up with a question that called their fraud-spotting powers of observation into question. Usually along the lines of: How many Democratic senators are running for John Edwards's seat in South Carolina? Or, Why are there no political signs visible? (Raleigh's roadways are adorned with almost nothing but political signs, not that they could read them.)

Fun read. Click on.

Economics With A Face: Wal-Mart Store Opens Near Aztec Pyramids

Economics With A Face: Wal-Mart: A Love/Hate Relationship
Nice article here from Economics with a Face blog. It appears like in America local merchants aren't happy but the people who like to survive from paycheck to paycheck are very enthused.

Harry's Place British Blogger Reminds Dems Of The Words Of A Famous Democractic Presidential Canidate That lost Twice

Harry's Place
Harry's place ,a UK blogger, quotes a great Democractic leader that not only lost one presidential election but two. He also lost to a man , believe it or not, who in his day was percieved as being "dumb" by the elites. That Democract was Adalai Stevenson. Something to ponder.

The Adventures of Chester Blog (A must to Look At For Upcoming Battle)

The Adventures of Chester
This guy is awesome. He has returned from Iraq and gives insightful commentary on whats happening in Fallujah. He also has a link to one of the best images of Fallugah I have seen. Very Useful in the upcoming days.

Beautiful Atrocities: Disposable Wisdom

Beautiful Atrocities: Disposable Wisdom
Thanks to maxedoutmamma for giving attention to the above site. I added it on my bloglog. Great links to Iraq troops blogging in Iraq.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Talk about a bad day after the election day for one Kerry supporter. Hope he has lots of razors and about a week to take off to get his car back in pre- election condtion. For the front of car go to for the pic. Posted by Hello

Guardian Unlimited Politics | Special Reports | Howard refuses to congratulate Bush

Guardian Unlimited Politics Special Reports Howard refuses to congratulate Bush
This situation is getting a little out of hand. Mr Howard is the opposition leader to Tony Blair. The Guardian reports:

In an interview with the Sunday Telegraph the arch-Atlanticist was asked whether he was pleased that a fellow rightwinger had beaten a liberal. He said: "I made it clear that I could work perfectly well with both President Bush and President Kerry ... I don't think it's appropriate to express a view on those elections."

Mr Howard's remarks may appear bland. But in the language of diplomacy they amount to a rebuke to Mr Bush - and in particular to his polling guru, Karl Rove, who told him he would not be welcome at the White House after he criticised Mr Blair's use of intelligence before the Iraq war.

I love Blair for his moral leadership ,and I have to admit I wouldn't mind him winning to show the rest of Europe you can be have strong convictions and get reelected. However, Mr Blair is a momentary blip on screen as regards the Labor party. Republicans will always find their more natural allies to be the British Conservative Party. Prime Minister Blair made up with the Kerry people before the election. I suspect he wouldn't hold it against Bush to meet with Howard. Time to heal the rift on both sides.

The Iconoclast An insiders view of how Ohio was won

The Iconoclast
Nice insight from one of the volunteers who was there in Ohio.

Times Online - Sunday Times Tom Wolfe

Times Online - Sunday Times
The writer Tom Wolfe created a little stir with his comments about supporting Bush last week and his observations on the liberal elite. Here is his post election thoughts.

Times Online - Sunday Times UK Paper Nails It on The Head

Times Online - Sunday Times
This by far is the best piece explaining the election results I have seen. A must read for Dems.

Election Fallout / Faith in democracy, not government

Election Fallout / Faith in democracy, not government
A pretty good opinion piece in the San Francisco Chronicle is presented here. It gets right what all those forums on c-span that talk about what Kerry did wrong get wrong themselves.

Marine Corps News> Frontline reporters have second thoughts in Iraq

Marine Corps News> Frontline reporters have second thoughts
Great article here describing how the reporters know the upcoming operations are going to be a little different. It appears that unlike the events of last year the reporters are confronting the aspect of their death more up close than before.

Belmont Club Overview Of What is Going To Happen In Fallujah

Belmont Club
Serious events are about to happen in Iraq. Its time to turn our attention to the young people we have sent to fight for freedom. It appears that this battle might be the bloodiest yet.

Most Informative Electoral Map

I know we have seen electoral maps galore but this one is worth giving a look. Except with the flaw that it doesnt include Hawaii and Alaska, the genius is it shows where the actual numbers occured in mass vote for each candidate.

OpinionJournal - Peggy Noonan Take On the Winners and losers

OpinionJournal - Peggy Noonan
This is from the Thursday Journal page but I love Peggy Noonan and it deserves another link. I love when Peggy is debating ole Chris Matthews and her eloquence just mows Mr. interruption down. By the way, newsweek has a story of how one Bush campaign aide had this peculiar vision of Peggy when she was writing the Bush acceptance speech. No link but the fun is in the finding.