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Saturday, November 27, 2004

Geaux Irish Beat USC

Usually I post about current event news, and poiltics on this blog. However we have more urgent matters to talk about today. That is the importance of Notre Dame putting the most media hyped whining football team in there place. For the past year all LSU fans have heard is how great USC is and that they are the National champions. But more on that later. I urge all LSU fans and fans from other programs to pray and root for the fighting Irish. Why? Besides that beating USC would be nothing beyond orgasmic, it would certaintly show to the media types that there are a ton of programs out here that deserve recognition and shouldn't have to wait for a team that didn't even make it to the national championship last year to dictate where we all stand. (SEE UTAH) Othere Reasons?

Touchdown Jesus
How can you root against a team that is God's favorite. Message to Catholics out there who are if you are like me and probally betting that you might have to make a pitstop in Purgatory before getting to the final flag, I surely wouldn't want to be in your shoes when the big day comes if you are find to be on the wrong side of the fence today.

Plus, for all you Conservatives out there give a little back. Bush got the the "mass going" Catholic vote last during the election. Also wouldn't you want to support a school with the ethos of the hard working Irish than the school of the hedonistic, surfer dudes,m-tv culture californa. But the main reason is this.

All we have heard is USC USC for almost a year and a half. These are the facts. USC is a media darling. In fact, the only reason they have been assured that number 1 spot so far and teams such as Auburn and Oklahoma and Utah have to scrape and beg just to get to the big game don't get a look is because of a little guilt from the establishment over last year. Message to USC. YOu are not Co-National Champions. The Championship game was at the Suger Bowl last year and I didnt see you there. For all the bitchin about BCS computers, somehow the fact that coaches and sportwriters who don't hardly look at what is going on outside their conference determination of number 1 status doesnt hold much weight to me. So offer a little prayer today USC haters. I know what my intention at mass will be this afternoon.

As you walk toward the Grotto, you hear the Fight Song begin play.... it get's louder ...then louder ...then even LOUDER! ...until your blood begins to boils and you feel your body tense with excitement!! It's game day and you're ready to help the IRISH the best way you know of. As you reach the foot of the Grotto, you are a bathed in hundreds of little lights. You focus on the soft lights lit all around and feel a sudden unity and tranquility. It's time to let a higher authority know about your pride...

Can't go to church today and offer up prayers for the fighting Irish to pull it out. Can't go to to the grotto and offer up a prayer for the fighting Irish. Then go to Mesto's Cyber gotto and lite a cyber candle and send out a prayer for them. I believe!!Any way Geaux Irish.Posted by Hello

NOTE- To all Catholics that go to USC and feel for whatever reason you must root for your school. I am reminded from a line that repeated in Clint Eastwoods movie "Two Mules For Sister Sarah" In dire situations "the Church grants certain dispensations" For everyone else yall aint off the hook

UPDATE- Well it looks like the forces of darkness have prevailed. I am sure its just God testing us in some way. As they say the Lord's ways are mysterious. Perhaps it is make the suprise win by next week UCLA even more of a blessing. All i have to say is geaux UCLA

Friday, November 26, 2004


Looks like LSU is Orlando Bowl Bound Posted by Hello

LSU v arkansas(GEAUX TIGERS) Kickoff 2 pm Central

Mike V eating a little Arkansas pork here.

LSU defending Da Boot(Geaux Tigers).

Our favorite fans The GoldenGirls Posted by Hello

Well the Tigers are out to kick a little more a** today. This week playing cousin marrying Ark Razorbacks. Geaux Tigers

There will a special football posting for all Notre Dame fans and USC Haters tonight.
To our LSU Fan,blogger ,Patriot and fellow lawyer at Klotzy's Contemplation Corner , I hope you will be able to find a place to watch the game in Bagdad, I have one for you. Stay safe. Fellow bloggers why don't you go to his site thanks him for his service.

Save the UK Put Prince Harry In Charge (Reasons why you should be concerned about the UK and other tidbits)

Posted by Hello
No, I am not going to blog on the Prince Harry alleged kidnapping, while drunk in a bar in Argentina incident. Its just a funny photo and is all the rage with the talk shows over there today. But with some of the laws being proposed in the UK, I wonder if Prince Harry might not be a better choice. At least he couldn't cause any more potential damage. Note to my fair skinned UK'ers don't get a DWI here the flushed cheeks give it away. Anyway I think one reason I concentrate on UK subjects at certain hours is because I listen to a talk radio station out of London called LBC during the nighttime hours(I am a classic insomniac) while I am surfing the web. I would recommend it because its available on the net and the announcers and callers are great. There is only so much art bell I can take. Also if you want to see how the State Dept, or/and the Voice of America is falling down on the job as to representing our views just listen to the their callers for a week. It can get pretty disheartning especially since if we lose the UK we are really in deep you know what in Europe. So here is some interesting tidbits of things of interest to Americans
A cheer for journalist Janan Ganesh in this article Let's Here It For The Marines that appeared in the Nov 24 edtion of the London Times. A great read and a tip of the hat to UK blogger Attempting Escape for pointing it out for me. SHe states in part: Jack Nicholson’s “you can’t handle the truth” routine in A Few Good Men has become an iconic monologue of modern cinema, but the point he was making is rarely grasped. The injustice Nicholson laments is not that we expect a noble minority to pay the blood price for our security — it was ever thus — but that we demand the right to tell them how to do it. Shackled by laws, norms and protocol concocted by legalists, the US Armed Forces — who have done more for freedom of the press than all the world’s journalists combined — are put in an impossible position. It is nauseating enough that they are now casually disparaged as “hicks” and “rednecks” by do-nothing civilians, without the supposedly objective media joining in. Way to go Janan we need all the help we can get in the UK papers and I am sure our Marines appreciate it.
The other note of interest is a sentiment that small "c" conservatives in the UK are starting to feel about the upcoming elections. The blogger of The England Project remarks in this blog posting that: Neil, over at German for Beginners has a three parter up on England, his country and why he is no longer a supporter of New Labour.I can't help feeling that many of us are rapidly running out of people to vote for. Who's to blame, do you think? What he is referencing is that the government is increasing their interference in peoples lives every day. Go to the above link on the German for Beginners blog. Currently that blogger is living in Germany and doesn't like what he sees happening in the the mother country. He states in part: I don't like being told what I can and can't do to myself, my property and to those who give me their permission without duress.3. Common law, the English Bill of Rights, Milton, Locke, Sydney, classical liberalism. I believe the people are the country and society, whereas the state is a distinct construct, the agent - not the master. He later states in his excellent post that I'm the son of a family that has lived in the same village since the Domesday book, went to a normal school, had parents who earned below average wage, who is seeing the fabric of his part of England ripped up by a spiteful metropolitan elite. And no, I'm not sure exactly what action to take, but I do know that I'm not the only person that thinks like this. It seems we might have a little replay of blue state/ red state thing over there. The problem is that the conservatives with a small "c" are as The England Project blog has stated are running out of choices. Will they go on to the Tory/Conservative party. People should really pay attention to what the Labor party is proposing over there. As one American Blogger, A NAtion of Riflemen said : Britain is like the proverbial canary in the mineshaft of government, if you will. In other words, whats happening there is going to to be proposed here by the Dean faction of the Dem. party. Go to this article/opinion piece in the Telegraph to see whats being proposed in the UK. The Highlights are The Civil Contingencies Bill where the Govt can be able to repeal or suspend any Act, apart from the Human Rights Act, The Civil Partnership Bill where the Govt grants rights, similar to those enjoyed by married couples, to cohabiting homosexuals, anAnti-Social Behaviour Bill. that will gives additional powers to "community support officers" - those people who dress like policemen, but aren't - to confiscate alcohol and probally issue fines, a housing bill that charges more fees to sell a house. When coupled with proposed laws against advertising "unhealthy foods" till after children go to bed, anti smoking laws, making possession of drugs in the blood stream a crime, making more people to be compelled to take drug test for minor offenses, and national id cards it appears the Nanny State or what was called back in the days of Clinton "The Third Way" looks alot like the "Old Way" of the seventies.
So can small "c" conservatives go to the traditionally conservative Conservative party. I noticed something last week in a telling comment in the Conservative's Partys response To the Queen's Speech it said in response and contrast to Labor''s view of Gov stated they wanted to cut back waste and bureaucracy in government, and ensure that taxpayers get better value for money while setting Britain on a path to lower taxes. Can you imagine A Republican saying "setting the US on a path to lower taxes" Hell no! Every politician knows that if there is money left it gets spent. You reduce taxes not only to help the economy but to force the Govt sometimes to reduce its level of ever expanding programs. You of course go ahead and cut taxes. One major problem is that to my eye it appears that the Tories are sort of "labor Lite" One area you can see this is on the subject of the UK and further intergration into the EU. Basically among the conservative bloggers in the UK I sense a real level of frustration on the part of the Tories to confront this issue. Also there appears to be a rethinking of how far the average Britian wishes to become part of Brussel's neverending web of regulation. Several polls have shown some uneasiness amony the masses as it were. It appears though the Tories haven't got the hint. When confronted with members of the conservative partythat wanted a clear answer as to what was the Tories position on the whole EU question was they responded: that "there would be no change of policy or change of emphasis" as to European question and that the Conservative party's leadership would under no circumstances talk about an withdrawal from Europe. Mr. Murry at the England Project states: ""no change of policy or emphasis is a pretty clear statement of intent by the Tories and they will have little chance of winning back my support with that kind of attitude." Republicans in the US won the last election by firing up the base to get out and vote. It doesn't sound like to me that the base is too fired up over there.
As I stated earlier one reason to be concerned about what happens in the UK is that you can bet this alot of this nonsense will be introduced over here. An excellent site that should be on your everyday blog list is Nanny Knows Best. Insightful and humerous its a great read. His stories often lead you to regulations and laws that are being proposed that are often under the radar of the major UK papers. As the U.S. blogger A nation of Riflemen states here :"Frankly, I couldn't be bothered to keep up with NuLabor's bullshit all the time, because of the frequency of the RCOB moments when reading the British Press.But help is on the way, in the form of Ken Frost's excellent Nanny Knows Best website, which should be a frequent read for everyone.Sadly, many of the atrocities he describes are already taking place in the U.S. -- but I think that we have a better chance of dismantling them than the Brits do.As an early warning system, therefore, NKB is an invaluable asset, and will go into the "Behind Enemy Lines" (Brit Division) immediately.Remember you've been warned.

Wow, well the benefit of having to retype this post after blogger said "Internal error 500" when I tried to publish it originally is that you can get good update pretty quick. Non-Trivial Solutions blog, another UK blogger has alot to say on what the Tories should do. This excerpt will take you to the entire post.
It strikes me that there is a serious point to be made on the subject of the Tories handling of the ID card issue. As a bit of background, the Tories are sitting on the fence with their heads in the sand (I love a mixed metaphor) hoping that the issue will go away. It won't. If the Tories come out in favour of ID cards, they will pass easily, and a little more ideology dies (ideologies are like fairies - if you say you don't believe enough times, they die...). If they come out against ID cards, Labour will pin them to the wall in the media, figuratively speaking...
The Conservatives should come out strongly against ID cards, purely on a matter of principle. Talk about being proud of Britain, being proud of freedom and democracy. Talk about every British citizens' right to wander freely without fear of having to identify his or herself to another soul, let alone the state. ...
Parody them. Teenage pregnancies? ID cards will fix that. Terrorism? ID cards. Anti-social behaviour? ID cards. Passive smoking? Hmmm, ID cards? MRSA? Slap the bugs with ID cards. Police bureaucracy? Give them an ID card check form to fill in. Talk about Blunkett's destruction of civil liberties - trial by jury, double jeopardy, trials without evidence, holding people without trial, etc.....

and here is my favorite from our young uk blogger

Do not assume the media battle is lost. I sense that the people at CCO have no faith in their ability to control the media message. Don't wanna take on the New Labour media machine? Get out, you're fired. We want a big dog in this fight, not a bitch.

Now thats the spirit that could get the Conservatives elected!


The last update as to this post but found something I couldn't resist. Tip of the hat to the Guy Fawkes Blog on this. Lady Thatcher appears at Parliment today. Boris Johnson a conservative mp blogs on it today. As a side note it appeared that Mr JOhnson was one of The Tories shining lights. But a few weeks ago he got sacked over a "sex scandal". In the UK the sex scandals come quickly and seem to be lethal. Just the week before some Scottish politician was involved I think in some sort of 'Orgy" scandal If I remember right. Anyway, I know many were concerned in the U.S. when Lady Thatcher came to Reagans Funeral and the press raised issues as to her health. It appears she is doing fine click here for the account

Thursday, November 25, 2004


All men please go to this LINK and please leave a nice comment and ask her to post more photo's and stories about her life. If you happen upon her site through blogexplosion be sure to rate her a ten. I give this blog the best template award ever. I think I am in Love. So men do your part for foreign relations and encourage our neighbor across the sea.

URGENT UPDATE- Boy is my face red. The woman that I said "I was Love With" is not the woman on the the template. In fact its the model actress Monica Belucci who portrayed Saint Mary Magdalan in The Passion of Christ. Let me tell she looked quite different in the movie. Quite a difference btween 1'st century fashions and fishnet hose. Anyway I still like our mysterious blogger since she says the pic matches her personality(which makes her all the more intriguing). Anyway go by and say hi.

Giving Thanks And Remembering Our Military And Their Families Who Have Made The Supreme Sacrifice So That The World May Be Free

DoD News BriefingSecretary Of Defense Donald Rumsfeld; and General Richard Myers, Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
Tuesday, November 23, 2004 - 2:30 p.m. EST
SEC. RUMSFELD: As our country prepares to celebrate Thanksgiving, we will take time to remember the truly outstanding men and women in uniform who continue to bring the hope of freedom to millions around the world. We thank them. We thank their families and their loved ones. And we will particularly remember the families and loved ones of those who have given their lives in service to our country and those in hospitals, whether in Germany or here in the Washington area or elsewhere around our country, who are recovering from their wounds. They will all be in our thoughts and prayers.
GEN. MYERS: Let me just add on to what the secretary just said. I want to express the condolences of all the joint chiefs of staff to those who have been killed or wounded, to their families, their loved ones, their friends, over this entire global war on terrorism. As the secretary said, they're doing what they do so we can live in this country, our friends and allies can live in peace and freedom. So we owe them a real debt of gratitude, and we will remember them, especially as this holiday season progresses.

Tip of the hat to for the pictures that are in the following post. They do provide quite a service for us in remembering our fallen soldiers and their families. The photos are very compelling. Click on this link and look at the 5 categories of pictures entitled Eyeballing the Iraq kill zone. Of note is a conservation I had with a friend that has now received training for Military funerals in the Lousiana National Guard. Many of us watched the funeral of Pres. Ronald Reagan, however many people do not realize that every military veteran is allowed almost the exact same honors.

Our Heros and Their Families

Cindy Miles weeps at the casket of her son, Army PFC Timmy Brown, Jr. of Conway, Penn. as she is comforted by Maj. Steven Chung, Deputy Provost Marshall for the 99th Regional Readiness Command, after Timmy's funeral services at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Va. Friday, Aug. 22, 2003. Timmy, assigned to D Company, 510th Military Intelligence Batallion at Fort Bragg, N.C., was killed by an explosive device August 12th in Taji, Iraq. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

Charlene Stroud, center, is comforted by Brig. Gen. Mastin Robeson, right, after he presented her the American flag from the casket of her son, Lance Cpl. Brian E. Anderson after funeral services Tuesday, April 15, 2003, in Durham, N.C. Anderson was killed in Iraq on April 2. At left is Stroud's husband James.(AP Phfoto/Bob Jordan)

Buddhist Monks escort a Marine honor guard carrying the casket of Marine Cpl. Kemaphoom Chanawongse, of Waterford, Conn., during funeral services at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Va. Monday, April 28, 2003. Chanawongse was killed on March 23 during operations on the outskirts of Nasiriyah, Iraq. For the first time in memory, a Buddhist monk is presiding over an Arlington National Cemetery burial ceremony. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

An unidentified relative offers prayer at the funeral pyre of U.S. Army Sgt. Uday Singh in Chandigarh, India, Thursday, Dec. 11, 2003. Singh was the first Indian killed in the Iraq conflict on Dec. 1, when his convoy was ambushed in Habbaniyah, about 80 kilometers (50 miles) from Baghdad. Also seen in background are U.S. Army Sgt. Richard Allan, top left, and Sgt. Jeffrey Smith, top center. (AP Photo/Gurinder Osan) Posted by Hello

Excellent Powerpoint Prresentation on the Success of the Fallujah Operation

I can't reccomend this link enough. Lots of great stats, photos, and maps about the the truth about what was happening in Fallujah. Its a powerpoint presentation and takes a minute to load but highly worth it. Anyone who says after viewing this presentation that the Fallujah operation wasn't a success is living on another planet.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Cool Pic of The Night

Just saw this photo on a blog and thought it was so way cool dude.(My fever must be getting worse). Anywho this picture is of what the Earth looks like during a solar eclipse. This was taken from the MIR in 1999. The black area of course is the result of the moon going in front of the sun. Now if you want to see a real cool optical illusion go here(This is not an animated gif but a true illusion). Tip of the hat to miss information blog. Posted by Hello

UK Sun Reporting That Blair will call Election For May 5

The Sun Paper inthe UK is reporting that Tony Blair will call the Election for May 5, 2005 . To go to a very abbreviated web version of the story go here. Posted by Hello

AAAGH I'am Sick

Posting will be more heavier than I expected the over the next two days. No its not because I don't have a life or I'am so addicted to the net that I can't do Thanksgiving. No. my luck is running its usual course and I am sick with a flu like virus. PRICELESS. No going home tonight. Too make it worse , can't go the LSU game up in Little Rock. EXCELLENT!Anyway looks like all you people that will be reading my blog over the next day will have to be my company. Welcome. By the way ignore my comments about addiction and having no life. I am sure you have an excellent life and are just hitting the web while the coffee is being prepared after your turkey dinner.

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The Guardian - Fair and Balanced as Always

Thanks for all the comments on my Kevin Sites defense. Everyone was quite sensible and civil. One comment I heard was the problem of inflaming anti Americanism among Arabs Its apparent that anti Americansim is very apparent in the Guardian. On the day that the Queen's Speech as well as the Ozzy Osborne heroics trying to stop a Robbery at his home( I not making that up) look what the Guardian does. How many days has it been since the incident? But the Guardian gives front page coverage to Sites letter on his blog. Then adds four pictures of the scene itself. Notice the investigation of the UK Troops(which is baseless from what I 've I have read geaux Blackwatch) is way down at the bottom. Priceless Posted by Hello

Monday, November 22, 2004

BayouRanter's Exclusive Shocking Details Of the Queen's Speech Today-Bayouranter Exclusive

Posted by Hello Bayouranter has learned from exclusive sources from Westminster that the Queen will deliver shocking comments and directives in her Queen's Speech today. For all of you people in the Colonies who are ignorant of such things the Queen's Speech is where the Queen in all pomp and circumstance outlines the programs the Government(In this case the Labor Govt) plans to introduce in Parliament. But tradition is about to put on its head. According to sources the queen will say the following:
1. That all this business of the government creating this nanny state in her kingdom and intruding into peoples lives is so 70's. Therefore by Royal Fiat Parliament is dissolved until the political partys can come to their senses.
2. The queen doesn't understand how creating another level in Govt can solve anything regarding point one so all intergration into the EU is halted. Plus the Queen can't quite understand how some secular pencil pusher in Brussels can have more power than her.
3. The Queen will heap praise on the Colonies and Australia for their elections and that their leaders understand that socialism doesnt work and that terrorism isn't all caused by Israel and by not enough heaping money to Arab dictators to bribe them into not attacking us.
4. However she will state that Canada is a bloody mess and that she hates to get involved but must appoint Brian Mulrony Prime Minister again since he was the last one that had any sense up there.
5. Also the Queen of England in her role as Head of the Church of England will inform the church leaders as much as she hates to do it serious reforms will have,to be made. In her words, "who is going to spend a hour at services and listen to a bunch of leftist loons that can't even keep a church one fourth filled." Therefore rectifying a horrible mistake the Church of England will Reconcille with the Church of Rome andthe Pope, God bless him, will recognize her right to rule.
6. Finally for all those that thinks the Queens speech is a bunch of "Bollocks" she will remind them that under common law all the land in the UK belongs to the Soverign and the rent is due at the end of the month.

Oh well we can dream can't well? Today(Tuesday) is the Queen's Speech. Again this is where Tony Blair's government will outline their programs. For more on the Queen's speech and its history go here. So what can we expect? It seems National Id cards. Not doesn't sound promising. The BBC reports that The biometric cards would be introduced in 2008 as part of efforts against terrorism, illegal working, misuse of public services and illegal immigration. A decision on making them compulsory is not expected to be made until 2014 but Mr Blunkett says he is now thinking it could come sooner - perhaps between 2010 and 2012. Civil liberties groups fear the scheme will enable officials to compile too much information about people and inflame race relations.
Let me tell you that would never happen here. One thing us loony red staters know is our book of revelations and that's the sign of the beast. Anywho what else can we expect, Rules for the EU constitution vote and new laws on charities are also likely to be among more than 20 law plans. For an overview go to this bbc page and more detailed analysis plus the text of the actual Queen Speech will be in a later posting. I think its x-files time so I be back soon.



Urgent Warning For All BlogExplosion Addicts

Linux News: News: Staring at Computers May Cause Glaucoma
If you are addicted to Blogexplosion like I am, you Definately don't want to click here. Especially if your like me who thinks he is coming down with some disease every other month. But if you do click there be sure to click here for the reasons why The Apologist blog gives us some reassurance why these so called docters might be bluffing about this.

My Defense of Kevin Sites

Posted by Hello
I have wanted to blog on this issue of the journalist who reported on the Marine shooting incident for some time. However, I wanted Kevin Sites to have a chance to defend himself. He has now done that in an open letter to the troops he is embedded in. The letter can be found on his web site First, let me say my defense of Mr Sites is not an defense of how the MSM, or NBC News, or Chris Matthews, or any one else who made the decisions in what context to put this story or how they reported it ,or for that matter the merits of the embed system. Kevin Sites has come under alot of criticism from alot of us conservatives types as to his bias, motivation, ego, morals, and patriotism. If you want to see an example of this just go to and put his name in the search engine and look at the freepers reaction. In full disclosure, I am a "freeper too". In some ways the "freepers" reactions are understandable because, they like myself are concerned about the Marine in question as well how the MSN has reported on this. However, I am some what emphatic to Kevin Sites's situation.
First, what are Mr. Sites qualifications. Fom his bio on his web site, to which I have no reason to doubt it states:He has worked in local, cable and network news, including ABC's This Week with David Brinkley and NBC's Nightly News with Tom Brokaw. Additionally, he has published numerous articles in newspapers and magazines and was the author of a monthly media column for the New Times alternative weekly. Sites has a Master's Degree from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University. Also from those who remember he gave excellent reports from the frontlines in afghanistan. His bio goes on:Sites also spent nearly six months on the front lines in Afghanistan for NBC and MSNBC News, covering the Northern and Eastern Alliance forces prior to and after the fall of the Taliban. He shot some of the earliest video of ground combat there, including the first American casualty--a journalist wounded during a Taliban mortar attack. Its also most important to remember he has been on the front lines of the Iraq conflict since it started. What is most important is this little tidbit here.Most recently, as a non-embedded correspondent for CNN, Sites provided viewers with independent reports from the frontlines of Northern Iraq. Traveling with Kurdish Peshmerga fighters, Sites broadcasted live as coalition air strikes hit Iraqi positions in Chamchamal and Kirkuk. Sites's reporting was cut short, however, when Iraqi Fedayeen militia outside of Tikrit captured him and his team. They were stripped of all their equipment and threatened with death until their Kurdish translator negotiated their release after four hours in captivity. For an article on that event go here The most compelling quote from that article is this:
"There were times we truly thought we were going to die," Sites said on CNN hours after his ordeal. "... But it was a roller coaster ride. There were times when they really said they were going to kill us and then the times they said they were going to set us free. It kept on going back and forth for about four hours.
"And that was the most frightening aspect of it -- the uncertainty of the whole thing."

What should be apparent for of us out here in the blogsphere that criticize these doom and gloom journalist who don't go outside their hotels in Bagdad is perhaps we should give the benifit of the doubt to someone who seems to really like soldiers, by looking at his site, and despite his past harrowing experiences got back into the game and went on one of the most dangerous battles of the war in Fallujah to boot. Here Are some excerpts from his open letter:

Since the shooting in the Mosque, I've been haunted that I have not been able to tell you directly what I saw or explain the process by which the world came to see it as well. As you know, I'm not some war zone tourist with a camera who doesn't understand that ugly things happen in combat. I've spent most of the last five years covering global conflict. But I have never in my career been a 'gotcha' reporter -- hoping for people to commit wrongdoings so I can catch them at it. This week I've even been shocked to see myself painted as some kind of anti-war activist. Anyone who has seen my reporting on television or has read the dispatches on this website is fully aware of the lengths I've gone to play it straight down the middle -- not to become a tool of propaganda for the left or the right.
It's time you to have the facts from me, in my own words, about what I saw -- without imposing on that Marine -- guilt or innocence or anything in between. I want you to read my account and make up your own minds about whether you think what I did was right or wrong. All the other armchair analysts don't mean a damn to me. ...
I hear him say this about one of the men: "He's fucking faking he's dead -- he's faking he's fucking dead."Through my viewfinder I can see him raise the muzzle of his rifle in the direction of the wounded Iraqi. There are no sudden movements, no reaching or lunging. However, the Marine could legitimately believe the man poses some kind of danger. Maybe he's going to cover him while another Marine searches for weapons. Instead, he pulls the trigger. There is a small splatter against the back wall and the man's leg slumps down. "Well he's dead now," says another Marine in the background. I am still rolling. I feel the deep pit of my stomach. The Marine then abruptly turns away and strides away, right past the fifth wounded insurgent lying next to a column. He is very much alive and peering from his blanket. He is moving, even trying to talk. But for some reason, it seems he did not pose the same apparent "danger" as the other man -- though he may have been more capable of hiding a weapon or explosive beneath his blanket. ...

During the course of these events, there was plenty of mitigating circumstances like the ones just mentioned and which I reported in my story. The Marine who fired the shot had reportedly been shot in the face himself the day before. I'm also well aware from many years as a war reporter that there have been times, especially in this conflict, when dead and wounded insurgents have been booby-trapped, even supposedly including an incident that happened just a block away from the mosque in which one Marine was killed and five others wounded. Again, a detail that was clearly stated in my television report. No one, especially someone like me who has lived in a war zone with you, would deny that a solider or Marine could legitimately err on the side of caution under those circumstances. War is about killing your enemy before he kills you.In the particular circumstance I was reporting, it bothered me that the Marine didn't seem to consider the other insurgents a threat -- the one very obviously moving under the blanket, or even the two next to me that were still breathing. I can't know what was in the mind of that Marine. He is the only one who does
did not in any way feel like I had captured some kind of "prize" video. In fact, I was heartsick. Immediately after the mosque incident, I told the unit's commanding officer what had happened. I shared the video with him, and its impact rippled all the way up the chain of command. Marine commanders immediately pledged their cooperation. We all knew it was a complicated story, and if not handled responsibly, could have the potential to further inflame the volatile region. I offered to hold the tape until they had time to look into incident and begin an investigation -- providing me with information that would fill in some of the blanks.For those who don't practice journalism as a profession, it may be difficult to understand why we must report stories like this at all -- especially if they seem to be aberrations, and not representative of the behavior or character of an organization as a whole. The answer is not an easy one. In war, as in life, there are plenty of opportunities to see the full spectrum of good and evil that people are capable of. As journalists, it is our job is to report both -- though neither may be fully representative of those people on whom we're reporting. For example, acts of selfless heroism are likely to be as unique to a group as the darker deeds. But our coverage of these unique events, combined with the larger perspective - will allow the truth of that situation, in all of its complexities, to begin to emerge. That doesn't make the decision to report events like this one any easier. It has, for me, led to an agonizing struggle -- the proverbial long, dark night of the soul.
I interviewed your Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Willy Buhl, before the battle for Falluja began. He said something very powerful at the time-something that now seems prophetic. It was this:"We're the good guys. We are Americans. We are fighting a gentleman's war here -- because we don't behead people, we don't come down to the same level of the people we're combating. That's a very difficult thing for a young 18-year-old Marine who's been trained to locate, close with and destroy the enemy with fire and close combat. That's a very difficult thing for a 42-year-old lieutenant colonel with 23 years experience in the service who was trained to do the same thing once upon a time, and who now has a thousand-plus men to lead, guide, coach, mentor -- and ensure we remain the good guys and keep the moral high ground." I listened carefully when he said those words. I believed them.So here, ultimately, is how it all plays out: when the Iraqi man in the mosque posed a threat, he was your enemy; when he was subdued he was your responsibility; when he was killed in front of my eyes and my camera -- the story of his death became my responsibility.The burdens of war, as you so well know, are unforgiving for all of us.I pray for your soon and safe return.

These are just excerpts and dont do justice to the whole story so you should go to his site. Now am I saying that the everything went down in that mosque just as Sites said it did? No. As an attorney it always amazed me that in criminal trial i could have several eyewitness to the same event and they all saw it differently. Thats just life folks. The term "war is hell" is just not a cliche but a reality. That doesn't change my opinion that we have to engage in it and especially engage in at this place at this time. If you read the papers I am often shocked how such papers as the NYT can't even get Basic military concepts or terminology right. I think Sites does perform a service to us in that regards.
Lets look at two bloggers I respect and hear what they have to say. First lets look at Rantingprofs blog. This guy is as bout as critical of the press as anyone. He gives his insight of Sites here. Here is an excerpt:It's no accident, to my mind, that it's NBC, whose crew shot the tape and was there, whose reporters have been most sympathetic to the Marine.
The bottom line is that the quality of the reporting from Fallujah was simply an order of magnitude better than what we were getting up to that point. In fact, if you were paying attention during Fallujah to which pieces were coming from the embedded journalists, and which were being put together by those who were in Baghdad as round-up pieces on the violence throughout the country, the contrasts were pretty stark.
He goes on to say and be sure to follow his link before it goes into the "have to pay to view archives":Emotions are running hot, and I understand that. He's at the center of that, not only because it was his report but because he's a bit of a smirking smart ass: he's likely to set people off.
But there's
just no excuse for the treatment he's getting.
One other Blogger I respect is Iraqnow. This guy performed a tremendous service in Iraq and often takes the media for task for getting its facts wrong. It also should be mentioned this blogger continued his service to a even greater degree because he was activated again twice to deal with the hurricanes in Florida. In other words he is a guy that sticks up for the fighting man Here are his comments and take on sites:My take: Sites is a reporter. Not a houseplant.You cannot shoot someone who is hors de combat in front of a rolling camera and expect a reporter not to cover it. It's what reporters do. It's their job.It's not his job to edit himself and only cover stories convenient to the military. It's not his job to whitewash anything.His first loyalty is to the truth.And the truth is the Marine shot that man.I would have aired it, too.Splash, outJason
[LINK] posted by Jason Van Steenwyk : 11:25 EST, Saturday, November 20, 2004

Finally as an attorney, I am emphatic to Sites. I often hear how can you represent someone charged with "x". My response is I am part of the system of justice and despite it flaws it works out in the end and our freedom is perserved. I am pretty proud of that no matter if I am "scum bucket" defense lawyer. Sites is apart of that system. He may be an arrogant smart ass as the above blogger has mentioned but looking at his blog and watching his reporting, his love of soldiers should not be in question in my opinion. You know to end this post on a humorous note, I remember being at a bar and watching news coverage and he was the reporter. It was like 50/50 guys/girls there. Well sites appears in his long hair, goatee and in a poncho and all the girls there are swooning. The guys reaction is, I know because it was mine also, good looking guy, has a job we only can dream about while we go about our 9 to 5 lives ,and probally gets "Laid" all the time when he tells his exploits-Yeah hate him. In other words ,and not to downgrade all people's criticism of sites to sexual envy, I think there are some critics in the blogsphere -not the majority- who have been waiting for him to get his for some time. Again go to to see that. Anyway off to court see yall tonight.

UPDATE I- Rightwingsparkle has apost on this with alot of good links. I disagree with her final conclusion, that he did this for career advancement but good commentary and like I said some links to the opposing point of view. So far though it seems he checked with the military first so I still think he was not morally wrong here.

WH Pool Report From the President's Trip to Chile

WH Pool Report: Cleoy Coy
Alright I been waiting all weekend for the liberal but sexy wonkette to post the White House Pool report from Chile. However hate to disappoint not much on the "Chile security guards/Secret Service/Bush Fracas. But all is not lost he even offers you a prize if you can answer a question correctly. We all need a grey or brown vinyl attache case don't we? So interested in Chile foodstuffs. What did the President and the World leaders eat? Mold? Anyway a pretty entertaining pool report today.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

Aaron's Rantblog, aka Aaron the Liberal Slayer � Condi�s First Meeting as SecState with the Saudis� in Riyadh

Aaron's Rantblog, aka Aaron the Liberal Slayer � Condi�s First Meeting as SecState with the Saudis� in Riyadh
This has be my web site of the night. Its Aaron's rantblog. The post I have linked is what Condi's first meeting with the Saudis might be like. Plus lots of good links in the post. Its a older post from Nov 15 but worth the read.

Iraq Military Bloggers Shows That Even In Iraq Christmas Shopping Starts Bfore Thanksgiving

The Questing Cat
If you like Iraq and Afgan military bloggers like I do this guy is one to put on your list he is the questingcat. Besides telling some gripping stories he tells about his other observations from the great to the mundane. Here is a link to his trip to the px in Iraq. LInk above an excerpt below.
just got back from LSA Anaconda and its glorious PX. I walked in the front door and I'll be damned if there wasn't a Christmas tree sitting there! I shook my head and continued on my way, making a beeline for the CDs (my two addictions are sex and rock & roll), where I was greeted with some puny garlands. I picked up some CDs (Bat Out of Hell Live, MTV Headbangers Ball Vol. 2, and s'more), then went looking for Easy Mac. I scoured the food aisles but turned up only disappointment, so I resigned myself to a case of Code Red and got into the checkout line. Looking around, I saw lots of Chrismas posters up on the walls--"Every Gift is Magic"--more garlands, and even a few ornaments. It's not even Thanksgiving yet! At least, out here, AAFES had the decency to wait until after Halloween: back home I know the Christmas decorations hit the shelves about a week after Indepenance Day.

Telegraph | News | 'Hey, hurry up. You're holding up my men' An Embed Reporter tells of His Experiences In Fallujah

Telegraph | News | 'Hey, hurry up. You're holding up my men'
Fascinating article about how it was to be an embedded with the troops in Fallujah. News - Third runner-up endorses Boustany for Congress 11/20/04 News - Third runner-up endorses Boustany for Congress 11/20/04
Thank God for this endorsement. We often have a problem with Republican Unity in Louisiana. I believe this race is in the bag for Republicans. Especially since the Dem that made the race is having a hard time getting the support of the other Dem State Senator Cravins. Now if we can get the same Unity in Tauzin's race there will be at the end of the year just one Dem in the House of Representatives from Louisiana.