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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Crossroads Arabia � Not What It Seems

Crossroads Arabia � Not What It Seems
Crossroads Arabia blog is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs on Saudi Arabia. She has State Department experience in the area and gives a balanced view of whats happening in the Kingdom. This Article she has posted is on the effects of American Policy in the region Also go to her main site that gives a run down of arab newspapers reaction concerning the attack on the embassy.

Nanny Knows Best: Nanny Bans Boris

Nanny Knows Best: Nanny Bans Boris
The very funny Nanny Knows Best Blog has a look at British MP Boris Johnson. Boris Johnson is sort of as the blog mentions a free spirit in the Parliament. Despite a minor sex scandal he is probally one to watch in the Conservative party in the future. In fact it is my speculation that perhaps elements of the already bland leadership of the party used this minor scandal to put him in his place. Go take a look above and click.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

The New Republic Online: A Fighting Faith (1 of 2)The Democrats and What They Must Do

The New Republic Online: A Fighting Faith (1 of 2)
A very interesting opinion piece in The New Republic about The Dem Party and the elements it must defeat in its own party as to its views on the War on Terror. Great read and sound advice. Having this country return to the era of where both parties recognized the threat that is against America will make this country safer.

2Slick's Forum lloks at the Tillman case

2Slick's Forum
Because of the events of the last week I was unable to read much about the Pat Tillman controversy besides what was in the paper. Note, you never no how indispensible the internet is for news untill you have to rely on the your local paper for a week. Any way 2slicks forum has a great view of the events to which I totally agree.
I am often amazed that in friendly fire incidents a villian must be established and harked on. This is not to say what happen was not tragic and the proper investigations should not be made. However, after reviewing some of the gripping war footage its amazing that this doesn't happen more in the time of war. For example try to get an accurate account at what happens at a multiple car accident scene. Then multiply that by 100 times plus the fear of death all around and bullets going by you. Any way thats my rant for today click above for a soldier's viewpoint.

I am Back

Sorry for the delay in posting of almost a week but because of a personal crisis I was and still having to attend to I was unable any time time to my blog. So lets get rolling again.